Will the official Takeya Tea Infuser work with the Soylent Starter Pitcher?

I only have one serving of Soylent a day so I don’t use the Pitcher that they gave me. However, I’d like to use it for tea and I’m wondering if the official Takyea tea infusers will work with the Soylent version of the pitcher still work with that? The only reason I ask is because looking at the infuser, it looks like its threaded at the top, but I don’t see any threads at the top of the Soylent pitcher, except for two little ones. Can anybody confirm that they will still attach?

I’ve never actually attached it to my Soylent pitcher because I have a separate Takeya pitcher for tea, but the two pitchers are identical so it should attach no problem.

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Can confirm. They are identical, and the tea infuser for the Takeya clicks right into my Soylent pitcher just as it would into the Takeya.