Will the price for Soylent 2.0 decrease?


Will the price for Soylent 2.0 decrease? It’s much more expensive than powder.


But you get all that extra water and plastic for your money!


And pretty soon no more pesky heating bills! 2.0 is a way to subsidize global comfortabling.


Guess I hadn’t noticed since I don’t waste paper towels and water doing extra dishes, but maybe it is more expensive.

Probably not though


Just assume it won’t go down, I can see the cost rising not falling.


Forget it! The price has gone up. It’s not likely to come down.


RL has demonstrated they have a return profit expectation per unit. When they started selling on Amazon, which is more expensive than their own website, they increased the cost.

I was hoping they would take volume into account since in theory they will have more exposure on Amazon therefore increased sales.

Oh well


Scandals aren’t cheap.


Silly comments are.