Will there be a Soylent Christmas surprise?


Any chance of a surprise announcement of shipping dates or progress. There hasn’t been a lot of news recently except for the ingredients. I’d really like to get started with Soylent as soon as possible in the new year.

On another topic, once the shipping dates are finalized is anyone planning on eating most of the regular food in the house to clear space for Soylent?


With three teenagers in the house I don’t think it will take more than a couple days to clear out the existing stocks, but even then we’ll still keep “normal” food around for social purposes.


Well, in my case Soylent is arriving (knock on wood) right in the first week of moving back into a college dormitory – so with any luck, I should be able to just skip my normal moving-in grocery trip, pick up a few things to tide me over until it arrives, and have the additional benefit of only bringing a skeleton set of kitchen supplies.

Certainly looking forward to all the extra room I’ll have without food and cooking items to store.


Good luck, but I remember a few people planning to do that at the start of the Fall semester too. :wink:


Maybe it is me, but only seems fair after waiting for so long after ordering that something is said about the product coming our way. I am all for the American dream and the fact that we have made a few people rich but, I have never waited so long for anything I have ordered any time in my life. A nice 10% to 20% would not seem too out of line for not canceling the order and good faith that maybe there will be some return orders after trying the product.
Even a Merry Christmas ( Happy Festivous…) and Thank You for being our customer e-mail might have been a nice surprise, though…Christmas isnt quite here yet so I guess we shall see.


While I totally understand your desire for recompensation given our shipping delays (and again, thanks so much for your patience!), we have already priced Soylent as affordably as possible and suddenly giving back 10-20% (especially before we have any idea of our customer retention rate) would be ill-advised and potentially sabotage our chances at long-term success.

Warm regards for a happy Festivus, though! I was at my favorite hometown bar last night and was happy to see they had a Festivus Pole set up next to the pool table :smile: