Will there be an option to temporarily suspend my subscription?


I was wondering if there will be an option to suspend my subscription temporarily. For instance, if I am going away on a trip and expect my shipment to arrive while I am gone, or if I slow down on my Soylent consumption over the holidays and have too much product. I don’t want to have to cancel my subscription entirely and start a new one later. Will any kind of temporary suspension be implemented in the future?


Inserting the magical @Soylent tag so they can spot this to answer.
Though if I remember I think this has been brought up before.


Just commenting to add support to this idea. I’ve mentioned it before, but someone at RL should get a Dollar Shave Club subscription just to see how they handle their subscription options.


Just have them cancell it. When you want to start back up, use the same email address that you entered for the initial order and it will be marked as a reorder with the 1-2 week delivery

Ive already done that and it works fine.


@lickthecowhappy It looks like @darcdragon answered your question pretty comprehensively. The easiest way to pause would be to cancel and re-subscribe with the same email. You can cancel by logging into your account or we can also do it for you. Feel free to check out our FAQs for more info on how to do this: http://plk.tn/1yWb3dD

@nwoll27 Thanks for the suggestion. Our subscription platform is definitely in its infant stage. We’re working on improvements and hoping to have it much more user friendly soon.