Will there be different types of Soylent?


Will tree be different types of Soylent?


Will there be different flavours/types of soylent*?


There already are many if you’re interested in DIY.

As to what the company will be selling… No. Not for a while anyway, but eventually they will get to a point where they can develop other options.


They have specifically said that they would only make one blend (click the chevron for the full post):


If they make a low carb version, I’m down. I know everything there is to know about nutrition and the best way to eat to maximize health (well, for a layperson.) The problem is, I don’t have 10-15 hours a week for shopping, cooking, etc. I’m doing DIY Keto Soylent, and it isn’t too bad – probably 1.5-2.0 hours a week. But, if I could get it down to 20 minutes like I could with official Soylent, then life would be even easier.


If I recall from one of @rob’s many news show appearances , in the future, after they can manage to fill all current orders, they may make different blends for different life styles, with the potential eventuality for a custom blend for every individual. This may have changed since then, or they may stick with simplicity for the current manufacturing session, but they don’t plan on really changing the flavor.

If you want to change the flavor you can add your own flavorings, like cinnamon, or one of those flavor packs that people add to make flavored water.