Will Vitamin Packs ever be sold seperately?


Pretty much what the title asks, I was wondering if the vitamin packs will ever be sold separately, I’m almost more interested in that than the complete product.


Can’t you buy a multivit at your local pharmacy/supermarket?


I feel like maybe you mean “Most of Soylent, but sans the carbs/protein/fat for calories”. That would indeed be more complex than a regular multivitamin, but I think there are already products out there that provide “complete nutrition supplement” without being a meal replacement. I don’t know which ones (if any) are actually decent, but Soylent gets compared to them often enough that their prevalence is easily apparent, haha :grin:

Not that it’s a bad idea, just that I doubt it’s a priority for the Soylent team. And, if you do mean just the vitamins, then yeah, as @ruipacheco said, a good multivitamin pill would probably be fine.


I don’t know about separate packs, but they may make smaller additional packages of the nutrients for the life styles that need them. (i.e. packs of extra calcium or iron to supplement what they already have)


Yes, but that’s not what I asked

I like the idea of having a (relatively) flavor neutral something that I can add to what I’m doing on my own, or just have with water/juice/milk

To get the equivalent out of pills is a big handful of pills, because a Centrum isn’t going to cut it

And my mix now, before diluting, tastes like salty swamp ass


That is generally what I mean, something that can be taken by itself, mixed in water, juice, milk, whatever, if I’m not doing soylent one day

But mostly because the official Soylent has no way near enough protein for me and entirely too many carbohydrates and the mixable complete nutrition supplements I’ve found taste pretty awful, and the pill form is a giant handful multiple times a day


To be blunt, I doubt it. There are a couple issues I can think of. First, some nutrients can only be absorbed when consumed in conjunction with fat. Second, some of these nutrients in soylent should not be consumed in isolation or too quickly, specifically potassium.

My suggestion is you look into keeping track of what you are eating, and supplement vitamins that you are missing. Personally I’m not a big fan of multivitamins, but they are OK if your diet is poor. (I don’t like them because you may be getting plenty of iron from you food and then get it in the supplement which is too much, though plenty of supplements have low levels of iron for this reason)


Yeah, that is not easy to fix. Have a look around at diy.soylent.me for DIY recipes with less carbs. Adding protein should not be a problem, as these are readily available in powdered form.

In the future, SoylentCorp will make different basic mixes, and I anticipate that low(ish) carb will be in there. I am hoping on a keto one, too, but with fats being hard to powder I am not counting on that.


They did say on numerous shows they have been on, and the Soylent 1800 and Soylent 2200 where supposed to be male and female variants, which, as it turns out, aren’t all that different in content. ( http://blog.soylent.me/post/64744115378/10-21-recap-male-female-formula-development ) They have stated that once their own production center is setup, they plan to create mare varied, and maybe if it works well enough, even individualized Soylent products.


I’m also interested in something like this if they aren’t planning on making something low carb. I’ve learned through ten years of experimenting with food and diet that I gain weight if there are too many carbs in my diet. Last summer I started biking 16km as a round trip from work, did this for 3 months while consuming a standard 30/30/30 macronutrient ratio in my home made soylent formula. I consumed 1800kcal/day (BMR is 1678) and my weight didn’t budge. Then I switched to my ketogenic formula with the same 1800kcal /day with 75% calories from fat and no more than 50g of carbs per day, I’ve been losing a steady 1lb per week since the beginning of October. 14lbs left to go.

I’d like to be able to mix an all in one vitamin and mineral mix instead of the multiple parts I currently assemble each morning.

Most of the multivitamin/mineral brands on the market seem to use a dart board to determine what and how much of each substance to use and are stupidly expensive by design.

I think soylent like formulas could be of great benefit to the near pseudoscience of nutrition when it comes to performing consistent nutritional studies.


other than this making the math person in me twitch, as 30%*3 does not 100% make, I’ve always wondered if some people are better at getting calories or energy out of foods than other people. Its either that or some people are more efficient with their calorie usage than others.

They do want to do a bunch of nutritional studies, which in my opinion, would be a good reason not to reduce the price of Soylent’s product yet. Soylent is so customizable, they can easily just change an ingredient and see what it does to those who are willing to be guinea pigs. I for one would be willing to pay more than $255USD for 4 weeks of Soylent if they did nutritional studies, I think it would be worth it to understand nutrition more.


Consider 30/30/30 shorthand for 33.333/33.333/33.333.

I really do wish they would conduct those studies, it would clear up a world of confusion on the old “a calorie is a calorie is a calorie” debate. Clearly, it is not, since one’s individual population of gut bacteria seems to have a fair bit to do with food absorption.


On the subject of the thread, namely the vitamin packs. My guess had been that all such things would eventually be available. It makes a lot of sense, to my mind, to offer all components of Soylent individually. I had pictured an online store that offered the official product in various versions, DIY kits, paraphenalia, relevant tools etc. etc…

And, given DIY is not going to go away and that you could never do enough versions to cover all individual preferences, it just makes sense to sell all the components seperately. It might nott fit Soylent’s strategy to actually do so, but then it will still make sense for someone else to after-market it anyway… surely. DIYers could start from scratch, as they already do, or buy the product as a base to be tweaked.