Will we get a quality Weekly Post on the 17th?


I don’t know about you guys, but the last weekly update rubbed me the wrong way. Nothing against @JulioMiles but there was a lot of sizzle and little to no Steak.

So let’s hope that we get some Solid info this Saturday


It’s been suggested before that they might be under some kind of NDA with their co-packer that legally prevents them from giving us any real details. This sounds a little extreme to me, but would fit with the pattern of responses from Rob and Julio. They’re responding to just about everything except questions about shipping.

Alternatively, they may have simply been advised by their investors or decided on their own to not give further details about shipping, because doing so has repeatedly bitten them in the ass before.

I really won’t be surprised if it’s another generic update. I doubt we’ll see any hard numbers until at least all of the original backer orders have been fulfilled, if ever.

However, I think they’re going to be sending out a lot of the larger backer orders this week, so many people will at least have shipping notifications. Unfortunately, so far it seems that it’s the 3 and 4 month people still, and I “only” have 2 months on order.

@vanclute was one of the first active forum members to get his Soylent (no oil), and has already received notice of his reorder shipping in time so that he won’t completely run out, so it sounds like they’re sticking to their word for reorders getting priority.

So, to summarize, all the vegan (no oil) ordered were fulfilled, as we’re the non-vegan beta testers and apparently some media people (e.g. reporters) and people working at companies that they are trying to do business with. It seems like we are just finally getting around to the non-vegan original backers, and those are supposed to be arranged by size, and then order date. I would not be surprised if non-backer pre-orders were mixed in there too, like they did with the vegan orders, so that a pre-order of 4 months ends up shipping before an original backer order of 2 months. I really wish they’d given the original backers absolute priority, but I understand that’s not ideal from a logistics standpoint.


That sounds probable, and that’s the type of thing that could make a company like Rosa Labs look for other vendors. I’d be pissed.


The NDA is complete conjecture. To me (also conjecture but more fact based) it has to be the rice that held up production.
It probably went as follows:

Get rice.
(Get ahead of ourselves)
Get vegan orders out (x % of orders)
Start on VIP regular orders
OH SH!T we’re running out of rice…

Slow down production and delivery waiting on rice, hold enough for re-orders, and pray noone figures out how effed our starting supply chain model is…

Hope the crazy forum posters are satiated by the trickle of tweets about actual orders going out


i bet its exactly this.


Yup, beta testers should have obviously been first in line, then going in strict order of orders received should have been the approach.