Will you regret all the Soylent you've bought when the price drop kicks in?

Say the price drops to $150 (which is quite low considering shipping is included in the price). Will you wish you’d have waited until then?

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I bet the people who ordered a year’s worth in the beginning were regretting it.

I regret all the free pouches I’ve given away because I’m such a crazy evangelist. Giving away bottles of 2.0 would have been much more pragmatic.

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Nope, the stuff I’ve used so far was healthier and cheaper than my prior diet, I see no reason to regret earlier participation. Also there is no way the price drops to $150/28 days, I’m hoping for $240/28, that would make me happy.


I think ~$200 a month is possible, but the shipping is included in the price and that powder is still heavy, despite how good the weight compares to other staple foods.

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Was there new information released about a price drop?

I’m waiting for the price drop to order anything, so I’m skipping the risk of regret altogether :grin:

@Corpsie, Conor posted this in another thread regarding the price drop:

We are on track to deliver, but the proof is in the pudding. All I can say is you will be very pleased very soon.

I’ve gotten my hopes up; it’ll need to drop to $220/month or less for me to really be happy.


Don’t fall prey to the Sunk Cost Fallacy.

Money already spent cannot be un-spent. If I was happy with the product I have before the price-drop, I’ll still be happy with it after the price drop. AND I’ll be happy with my future purchases because of the price drop.

There really is nothing to complain about here.


If something was worth $255/month to me, it doesn’t stop being worth that to me just because the price dropped. It just means that future purchases will have even more value to me in the cost/benefit analysis.

Worrying that if I had waited I could have spent less is a waste of my time.


Silly question. This is a consumable – you drink Soylent in place of something else, and presumably you’re doing that because at the current price, you get more value from Soylent than you would from that something else.

If and when the price drops, the only people who should regret are those who have unnecessarily stocked a lot of inventory.


I had to pay extra to get Soylent at first, before my subscription kicked in, and I don’t regret that extra expense either. It will be nice when the price goes down but it’s worth what I’m spending now to me.


None of us seem to have noticed the product pre-announcement in the price-drop foreshadowing:



No regrets. I like having experienced the different versions (even yucky 1.4, if only because it elevated my appreciation for the others) and I don’t mind paying a little more in support of the overall concept while RL works things out.

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I’m hoping that 3.0 will be exclusively in doughnut form :doughnut:


Silly question

Glad I could amuse you :slight_smile:

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It is an interesting question.

Let’s say you buy a car for $30,000.

Then the price drops to $25,000. You are a bit sorry, becouse you could have had the exact same car PLUS $5,000 if you had waited.

But let’s say you had a very important trip that was time-sensitive. If you didn’t get the car exactly when you did, you wouldn’t get to go on the trip, such as a honeymoon or the first vacation you’ve had for five years. You might feel that the $5,000 was worth it.

To me, Soylent had an important effect on my life, and the sooner that effect started, the better. So the extra expense was worth it.


If you’re talking about having large amounts on hand, like ordering six months worth at the current price, then I suppose I would regret that. But if you’re talking about all that I have ordered up to this point and already consumed, then no not one bit.


No regrets. I accept that early adopters pay s premium for early access. My health has improved in the past year using Soylent. Would not have wanted wait. No getting younger


I’ll take 10 cases please!

I wasn’t trying to be snarky. I really don’t think the sort of “regret” you’re asking about makes sense in the context of a frequent repeat-purchase consumable like Soylent (vs. a one-time purchase item or a durable good like a computer, a cellphone, or such). Someone compared this to buying a car, but the better comparison is to buying gas for your car. Do I “regret” purchasing gas for my car last year because gas prices are lower this year? Since there is no way for me to make up for the driving I would have foregone last year by driving more this year, the answer is: of course not. Ditto for Soylent.