Will you switch from DIY to "official" Soylent when the final product is released? why? Why not?


After reading all the DIY posts it looks like it is not as easy as one would think to just mix up a batch in the kitchen. I see problems with sourcing products in quantities and at prices that are reasonable. I also see several people struggling just to find the right balance. So will you be inclined to switch to the product from team Rob? At what price?


I think it’s going to be a bit of a mix for me. I don’t think Soylent 1.0 is going to have the amount and balance of macronutrients that I happen to need, so I’m probably going to have to add carbs/protein/fat as needed.


I find a little more protein and fat in the morning to be helpful also. I love peanut butter so I add a teaspoon and blend it in for my morning serving. I think that is one of the nice things, Easy to customize…


I’ll at least try it, when it’s available.


Depends on cost and ingredients. With the high carbs and oat powder currently in I doubt it. I also quite like tinkering with my own recipe :wink:

If they released a lower carb version and the price was good (and if shipping wasn’t too bad and no issues with UK customs) yeh for sure.


It’s not so hard to come up with something great that is nutritionally complete. For me it’s actually quite fun. Now the process is about 10 minutes of work a day.


I’m going to try coconut flour. It smells good, here’s hoping it tastes good. The bonus is that is has fibre and protein.


Price will probably be the point for me. I like being able to adjust and experiment. Right now the cost is fairly similar to mine, so I only ordered a weeks worth. If the price were to go down a ways I would probably use up most of my ingredients and then switch.


The price would be the main factor for me. At the minute it’s costing me £100 per month ($150). So unless it’s cheaper than that (including shipping) what would be the point?

I think that, for most people, once the ball starts rolling; if they can make their own recipe for a cheaper price than Rob’s recipe then why would anyone bother buying it?


On balance I don’t think I would switch. I’ve already achieved solutions of my own that I find far more satisfactory; but I’m very grateful to Rob for setting me on this path and I definitely wish him all possible success with the Soylent product. If and when my personal finances improve I might yet give official Soylent a try with a week’s supply, just to know about it from direct experience. Yet I can’t escape the feeling that as the formula evolves towards practicable industrial production status that compromises are being and will continue to be made that will place the commercial product at a disadvantage to what I’m already doing at home.


I thought I would switch, but by now I’m pretty good with my own formula, and have started “selling” it to a number of friends - enough friends so that I’m ordering over 100kg of Maltodextrin per month.
At this point I think it is just more efficient to stay with my own.


Convenience. The same reason many people are interested in Soylent in the first place. Each day is divided up and ready to go- pour and blend. It’s also why a subscription purchase model is so appealing to many here.


Honestly I can’t wait for the real version to come out.

I think that I still have a lot of problems with mine, even though I am getting closer.

I really hope that v1.0 comes with the micro and macro nutrients separated. That way I can adjust the macro nutrients to fit my needs. Although if they all come mixed together I will probably just add protein to v1.0 to hit my caloric needs.
My biggest concern with my recipe is that I am butchering the amount of micro nutrients that my body needs. Macro’s are the easy part, the micro’s are what has me worried.

Also I like the idea of the add on packages such as the nootropics.

In the very end I will probably go with a mix between the two. But it would be awesome if we could build our own using the things that Rob has sourced, and have custom powders shipped out.


As others have said, it mostly depends on cost. If Soylent ends up in “real” stores and can be bought with food stamps, I’ll probably do that just because there are a lot of individual ingredients that can’t be bought on stamps. But for now, I have my formula at less than five dollars a day and I’m slowly beginning to buy all the components of it. I plan on starting Soylent next month.


If they’re using rice protein, it just won’t meet my nutritional needs.


I have just posted again on the AA profile of rice protein to see if I can get an answer.
Rice protein could work for me if there is something else to complete the AA profile to make a complete protein. But as of right now I just don’t see it.


I use rice, pea, and whey and hand mix them right now, but I just ordered 3 pounds from TrueNutrition that’s a blend of 50% whey and then it has rice, pea, egg white, and a bit of soy. The price per pound is much lower than I can get it from Amazon or any other place I’ve found, and the AA profile is well pass 100% for each amino with the mix. The price per pound with that max was about $9.00 and some change.

While you’re building your mix they give you a real-time breakdown of nutritional information in the mix. I’m watching cholesterol so I could ensure I only picked sources that didn’t jack it up.


I’m doing something similar. Most of my protein is whey, and then I added I think 5 or 10% of pea and rice protein.

My concern is that there is no mention on the pea protein to make it a complete protein, they have just listed rice protein.

I’m actually starting to be concerned about the changes that are being made. I hate to say this, but I feel as though corners are being cut. But then again that is just a feeling as until we see the completed recipe we won’t know what tricks they have in place.


I don’t think there is much reason to think that. This is extremely early stages of a new food source. They are bound to be extremely busy and they have thousands of meals to get sent out soon. A lot on here are not paying customers either. So why should we get preferential treatment? But even if you are paying you have to give them a chance to get the work done.

All I am saying is try to be a little bit more patient and I’m sure all the info will come in time…maybe a bit later than hoped or expected but I’m sure it’ll be here.


I think that I am just jumping to conclusions, or maybe my recipe is causing paranoia.
But I miss back in the good old days when there was a blog post detailing a change and why the change was made. I have a feeling that Julio will respond to my quandaries sometime on Monday. In theory he will resolve all of my worldly questions and issues, but dag nab-it patience is not one of my virtues.