Willing to buy your Soylent for $500 per month's supply


Title says it all. I’m willing to purchase your Soylent to the tune of $500 for a month’s supply.

I’d like to have any transactions conducted over eBay, as otherwise I’d have little recourse in the event someone chooses to conduct businesss in a dishonorable fashion.

I offer:
1). Prompt payment via PayPal, as well as reimbursment of any PayPal fees.
2). Reimbursement of any eBay fees, including Final Value Fees.
3). Pickup of the product from your location with FedEx.

You offer:
1). A month’s supply of Soylent that you have in hand.
2). A willingness to ship to Canada.

Why am I offering such a premium? I firmly believe that this product will revolutionize nutrition and is very well suited to my very fast paced life. I have significant health issues that I feel will be much less contentious with proper nutrition. This product has great potential to change my life and I’m willing to provide a substantial premium to acquire it.

If you’re interested, simply set up an eBay auction and send me a link via PM…:wink:


just in case you dont get any offers, try here:


Thanks for the link…:wink:


You know…actually. I might be willing to do this for you. If you dont mind the 10-12 weeks for the additional account.

I would use a different email address, select the 1 month subscription. I would use my wifes name as the recipient to know that it was meant for you. As soon as it came in, i would take a pic, and then have you paypal me the $500. I would then promptly put it back in the mail for you.


Now we’re talking! Lets make it happen for fellow forum members. @foodaddict I would be willing to help you out as well, as would several on the boards I would guess.


Have you considered this: Reship.com

This could work for you in about 3 or 4 months if you start placing orders now. I know I saw someone on the forum from Canada trying this.


Please don’t do this. The price (~US$10/day) is high enough as-is. We don’t need ‘market forces’ pushing it higher.


10-12 weeks is much better than the end of the year, and I thank you for your offer. I’m looking to get a hold of Soylent ASAP and if 10-12 weeks turns out to be as quickly as possible, then that’s the way it works out. I’m still holding out hope that someone wants to sell their Soylent right now and that one of the first recipients of a month’s supply may want to double their money.

As for “market forces” pushing the price of Soylent higher, until Rosa gets their supply issues sorted out and/or decides to begin shipments to regions where they presently refuse to ship to, one should expect the price to rise considerably. People will do they need to do to get their hands on this revolutionary (and life-changing) product.


I just looked into reship.com and shipping costs seem very high plus your almost guaranteed to get nailed for taxes and duties which you have to pay when it arrives at your door. It is an option though if you cant find any other way. My soylent is getting shipped to a depot just inside the States, only a 15 min drive from my house in Canada, if I bring my gf with me I will more than likely be able to cross with a months worth without paying anything at the border. It will cost me $5 at the depot, $7.50 in bridge tolls and maybe $5 in gas but if I fill up my tank while I’m there I can save $0.50 a litre on gas. : )


Okay, we’ll let me know.


If you can’t find anyone who can sell a month to you right away and end up having to wait the 10+ weeks, I’ll make you an offer that will cost you less than the aforementioned suggestions.

Pay normal price for 1 month ($300 US) and add 1 week for me ($85 US). You end up paying considerably less than you would have with someone else, and I get to try Soylent for a week.

So that’s my offer. foodaddict, you’ve got options to expedite your Soylent experience.

  • If someone can part with 1 month right now, you’ll have it for $500 +
    shipping/ delivery costs, which would be the best- case scenario.
  • Someone else can place the order for you in their name and that’s $500 + shipping costs. You don’t release your money to them until they are ready to ship to you.
  • My offer (utilizing the most trust): you release the funds so I can make the purchase and mail the month supply to you once I have it in possession. Cost is $385 + shipping. I live really close to their shipping center, so I might be able to inquire about my order repeatedly and just pick it up once my order is ready.

And I’m throwing this out here so that I can be held accountable if you take up my offer. I really want to try this out myself badly as well.

This just comes to show you that the Soylent community is here to help each other out! Strange how powdered products often encourage community- driven distribution.


Thanks so much for the offer! As you say, there are various options in the mid-term for Soylent supply and it’s good to know they’ll be there. I’m very grateful to the community for making such options available. However, I’m still faced with the acute difficulty of getting Soylent in the near term.

Therefore, I’m willing to up my offer for a month’s supply of Soylent to $750 for the person who is able to supply it in the near term (a week or so). All previously mentioned stipulations still apply.


@foodaddict - @vanclute has a bag on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Soylent-Official-1-0-Powdered-Food-Meal-Replacement-Complete-Nutrition-/181401802201?pt=US_Dietary_Supplements_Nutrition&hash=item2a3c63d5d9

Not sure how much he has to spare, but he was one of the first to get his orders and should get priority on a re-order.

I don’t mean to speak for him, just throwing it out as a suggestion that could be mutually beneficial to both parties. I’ve tagged him in this post and he’s very active in these forums so if he’s interested I am certain that he will respond here.


That single bag is fetching quite a few dollars. I recall him saying he was just doing it for kicks.

" I’m willing to up my offer for a month’s supply of Soylent to $750 for the person who is able to supply it in the near term (a week or so). All previously mentioned stipulations still apply."

This is someone who lives up to his name.


Boy… this is kinda tempting. Everyone does have their price don’t they? LOL

I just placed my reorder for another month, and I have maybe 20 days supply left currently. Since we’re a couple, we’re going through it at a decent clip. The trouble with this for me is that you want it immediately (can’t say as I blame ya! LOL) and I don’t yet know when exactly I’ll get my reorder, plus I don’t have a 1 month supply currently anyway.

If you don’t go for any of the other options currently floating around, PM me and let’s discuss, perhaps we can work something out. My primary concern is us having an uninterrupted supply. Beyond that, well yeah… money kinda talks loudly! =)


Yes it does, kinda makes me wish I had some Soylent around here… Oh, wait… I already made that wish :wink:

I’m waiting on 10 weeks, so hopefully this month, fingers crossed, holding breath, turning green…

I placed my order for a subscription today also, so hopefully that’s quick too, plus I expect to get a second subscription up and running once they make it available :slight_smile:


I ordered a months supply. When it arrives I will surely pm you to see if you are still interested.


I’m doing whatever I have to do to shake the food addicition that I have, that has led to poor nutrition and a decreased quality of life.

I see Soylent as being the key to this…quick, easy and providing of all necessary vitamins and nutrients in one’s life, dispensed uniformly throughout the day.


addict…I can understand the frustration. My heart goes out to you for sure. But really offering $750 for a box?? IF you got the money to burn, then thats all you. BUT…please reconsider and wait just a little bit longer… If anything, take the money you want to spend and buy a ticket to the corporate office and sit outside to beg and plead for a few boxes…


I have a full months supply still in the box. Vegan option so no oil. I will throw in the pitcher and scoop. I am fine doing it through eBay, have a great record there. Only caveat is I am out of town until Sunday so it will not ship until Monday. Let me know if you are still interested.