Winter is coming! Have you had success with warm/hot Soylent?


It’s really hard to drink a cold cup of soylent on a cold winter morning… having it as a warm drink would be amazing but I’m not sure if it will congeal or misbehave in other ways. (I make my soylent with 1 scoop of whey protein to one 1/2 cup scoop of soylent.)

Any recipes for warm soylent?


Maybe time for some Soylent soup recipes?

Basically cream of (anything) soup should be fairly easy I think. (tomato, celery, mushroom, potato, etc.)

A variety of cream soup recipes:


Way back with the dreaded 1.1, I just mixed it with hot water for a pleasantly malt-o-meal kind of taste. I only did it one serving portions, but didn’t experience any issues with it.


It will congeal if you let it boil.

I think I tried it with version 1.3.

It was fine.


We all got our struggles.


Just saw this on Twitter:


I mixed some Soylent into my almond milk / cream of wheat bowl one morning and found it delicious and satisfying.


“Winter is coming!” More like, winter has been here for a few weeks! Here’s the view from the window by my computer desk yesterday:

I haven’t tried warm/hot Soylent 2.0 yet. Don’t think I’d like it plain that much, but I think I’ll try some sorta concoction soon. (I’m already thinking about adding it to egg nog, haha)