WIP recipe (Japan), looking for advice


I’m currently replacing 1 meal per day (lunch) with Soylent, but I’d like to refine my recipe a bit and move to 2+ meals.

Here’s my work in progress recipe, sourced from Amazon Japan:

The reason it’s a bit rough, is I had trouble finding many of the individual ingredients in Japan, even searching in Japanese and ordering off Japanese websites turned up stuff that shipped from America (which can take a long time to get here). So I tried to get as much out of the multivitamin and protein powder as I could.
I’m also incorporating some hazelnuts until my manganese arrives, and a banana because I like bananas.

Does anything stand out as being particularly urgent?

The iron is quite high, thanks to the protein powder I’m using. I think I’ll switch next time I have to buy a bag. Also based on what I’ve read, I might switch from soy to whey.

I had to double check the potassium intake a few times… taking 18 of anything sounds dangerous! haha

The taste is ok, I got the cocoa flavour “delicious type” protein powder. Could use some improvement though.



Sulfur (see the three month update blog)


Thanks! I had seen that, but forgotten to add it.

I’ve made a few changes, decreased amount of protein powder, changed to two multivitamins, reduced salt, took out calcium tablet.

My main concerns are that the Iron (25mg) and Niacin (40mg) are a bit high. As far as I can tell, all the other numbers that are a bit high should be fine.
I’ll place a few more orders from America though, and try to refine it a bit more, and get those things I’m still missing.

Let me know if you have any more suggestions! Thanks.


One thing my pharmacist told me is that we tend to absorb only 10% of the iron we take in. My iron pills each contain 30mg of elemental iron. She said I should absorb about 9mg per day if I take 3 of them. With three daily ferrous gluconate pills, my intake of iron is about 90mg.

If that 25.82mg is the amount of iron you are taking in, you should be absorbing about 2.582mg. That means you’re low.

Oats are an abundant source of manganese (and a few other things). Rob, and a few others here have already discussed mixing in some oat powder (oat flour). Oats also make a good carbohydrate source, so long as you don’t use too much and overdose on the manganese.

I also think there is something odd about potassium supplements. With most of them, I would have take 8 pills to get the potassium of only one banana. Maybe the potassium found in food doesn’t absorb well, so the recommended daily intake (4.5g) is adjusted for that. I’m currently taking in 3.42g per day from bananas and potassium glutamate powder and I feel fine, so I’m not worried for now.

Another thing we’ve discussed here is lactose. Most people are mildly to severely lactose intolerant, it depends mostly on your genetic background. Regular whey powder has loads of lactose. Most of us have switched to whey isolate. Whey isolate apparently contains little to no lactose.

If you’re not sure how good your lactose tolerance is, you should start with whey isolate, then try regular whey for a bit and watch for symptoms. Regular whey is cheaper, so it’s worth trying if you can tolerate it, but make sure of that.

You spelled sulfur wrong in your spreadsheet :smiley:



Those recommended amounts are always recommended “intakes”.
Does that really mean that it is the amount that we need to absorb, or is it the amount we should take in?
(The 9mg of iron might already be adjusted to bad absorption)

I don’t know.


I don’t know about the rest, but my pharmacist assured me that the recommended amount for iron refers to the amount absorbed, not the intake. Again, each of my iron pills contains 35mg of elemental iron (slight correction from above). The recommended maximum is 45mg daily. My pharmacist recommended I take 3 pills daily. That’s an intake of 105mg. I’ve been taking this much for a week now, separate from my calcium intake, and I am not suffering from an iron overdose.

I am not having regular blood tests done though, so I do not know exactly how much I’m absorbing or if an intake of 105mg is ideal; it’s certainly close though.

Another quick correction: the recommended daily amount of iron is 8mg, not 9mg as I said above.




Have you checked Iherb.com for any of the ingredients? I find them cheaper even with shipping than most food supplement type things I’ve ordered from Amazon.

Also, following this for one meal a day, how is your health? Weight? Overall feeling of wellbeing etc?

I’m in Japan and very interested in trying this if possible.


Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll check out iherb.com

I’m still modifying my recipe every day, and I’ve been replacing two meals most days for a bit over a week.
Overall I haven’t noticed feeling any worse or any better than I did eating food.

I have however, had a few occasions where I felt tired, nauseous and anxious after a serving of Soylent. So I’m currently trying to figure out if I’m getting too much of something (it seems to be (might not be) worse since switching to whey from soy protein), or if I’m just getting too much of something at once (and need to spread it out over more servings). Hopefully it’s the latter, though having to eat more frequently is less convenient.

I’d really like to replace some of the maltodextrin with oat powder too, but I haven’t been able to find anywhere that sells it… (my Japanese googling skills are a little bit lacking). If anyone knows a place, please let me know!
Also wouldn’t mind replacing the olive oil with something else, it seems to have a pretty big negative impact on the taste. And at least with the brands I’ve tried, extra virgin tastes worse than regular, it has a much stronger flavour.

I had to go off Soylent completely for a couple days after I ordered orange flavoured Maltodextrin because Amazon was out of the non-flavoured. It tastes ok diluted heavily just in water, but DO NOT put that stuff in with protein powder and olive oil… haha. Just stick to the non-flavoured. It’s always in stock on the bulk sports website and it ships just as fast as Amazon anyway.

My recipe probably isn’t much use to anyone else because it takes in to account the specific things (and brands) that I have for breakfast (fruit granola, all bran, milk, banana). And I’m still testing and refining it (and there’s the feeling nauseous sometimes thing).
But here’s my current recipe if anyone is interested:
Click on the item name cells to get links to sources.

I’m thinking about working in some solid food snacks. All I really want is to be able to eat healthy and cheap when I don’t have time to think about shopping or cooking, and I like to chew on snacks more than drink liquid food. So I’ll be looking in to that in the future I think.


One great website I’ve found is www.bulkpowders.co.uk, but I’m not too sure what the shipping would be like to Japan or if they send outside of Europe.


No luck, Europe only - http://helpdesk.bulkpowders.co.uk/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/60/9/what-countries-do-you-ship-to


Hello. I’m in Japan as well and made an amazon.co.jp recipe of my own. I started this post off as a reply to you, but it started to get too long.

I think for your protein in particular, you’re spending way too much money. You can get 3kg for ¥5,000. I put my list of ingredients into a wishlist for easy sharing here.

I used to take those multivitamins you use daily and started my recipe off with them. But I end up with a shortage of molybdenum and it got complicated to work around it. If you’re careful, you can get vitamins from overseas that don’t charge that much for shipping and work out to pretty cheap. My potassium cost is still a bit high, though.