With shipping not till December which recipe is safe to try?


With preorders not shipping till late September (hopefully) even if I was to buy a second batch it wouldn’t arrive until December… So I will try making this myself, question is which recipe is safe to use?

I like [enter link description here][1]

[1]: http://www.makesoylent.com/recipes/david-s-copy-of-human-enhancement-serum “Daves Serum” because of lower calories but looking at the nutritional content VitaminA is over 7000% RDA yet Vitamin B6 and VitaminC are at 0%?

I guess my questions is, can someone point me to a safe tried recepie.


Here is one:


Soon we are hoping to create a feature on makesoylent.com where we will send recipes through review by moderators, so that some recipes will be marked as having been looked over with no problems seen. This of course doesn’t guarantee that the recipe has been tested in the real world, but it will be something.


[quote=“Nom, post:1, topic:4607, full:true”]I like enter link description here
1: http://www.makesoylent.com/recipes/david-s-copy-of-human-enhancement-serum “Daves Serum”
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I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to get soylent just fine a few weeks after the first batches go out. The December dates are for international shipping dates, they’re not shipping until then due to different regulatory and overseas shipping concerns, not that there won’t be any more batches ready until then.


I don’t think that’s true (although I would love to be wrong). The order page simply says:

When do I receive my reward? We are shipping Soylent to the first
supporters first. If you order today, you can expect to get your
Soylent in December.


Oh jeez, that’s new. Kind of disappointing as they were saying you should be able to get it just fine for a continuous supply if you had pre-ordered. Here’s what was said before:

I wonder if @rob or @JulioMiles can shed some light on this. Are those who want to continuously use soylent once we get our original order going to need to get 3 months?


One of our highest priorities is that once an individual has tried Soylent, they will be able to reorder without any significant wait times. An uninterrupted supply of Soylent to our users is incredibly important to us, and it’s what we are optimizing for.


I hope I don’t get a stroke before the preorders ship :wink: My Dr. put me on a special diet because of very high cholesterol and soylent would be the perfect thing to try since it has 0% cholesterol.

So does this mean people that pre-ordered will be first in line for a continued supply of soylent?


A clarifying question, then. I recently (last last week) ordered a month’s supply via the campaign page store, and it says that order will ship in December. Would I receive my order faster if I canceled and re-ordered via the new web store later this month?


No. Pretty much, people will get Soylent in the order that they purchased it – the web store will only be used for reorders (by people who have already received and consumed their Soylent) until everyone who preordered gets their shipment. Once all preorders have been shipped, the web store will be opened for new orders.


Good to hear. It looks like you also updated the checkout clarifying this and removing the extra options that weren’t really applicable anymore.