Women's health and Soylent


There has been consistent feedback on Rob’s forum and elsewhere that Soylent is not as well formulated for women as for men. So, let’s figure it out! Women consumers of Soylent, what has worked for you? What hasn’t worked? Can you identify particular nutrient/ingredient tweaks that make a difference for you? Do you have particular worries that are specific to our health concerns?

I’ll start. My boyfriend and I are on Day 2 of slimming non-Soylent meals and substituting Soylent for food consumed during the work day. I plan on phasing out dinner eventually and I believe his plan is to nix breakfast. We both want to keep one meal a day. Breakfast so far is brown rice, spinach, egg(s), and a fig chutney; dinner was a simple burrito with greens, salsa, black beans, and pepper jack cheese. So far, I feel great. I was a little hungry nearing dinner and I didn’t feel a need to chow down, either from hunger or from enjoying solid food. Today, same so far. We’ll be sharing our spreadsheet soon. At this very early point, I’d say it works for me!

My question: the IUD hanging out with my uterus prevents me from having periods. Do I still need to fully integrate the recommended 18 mg of iron?


I’m far from being a biologist, but I take a Once Daily for women for about a year know and it has 18mg iron in every serving, and I ate healthy the last year - so I think on most days I even had quite a bit more than 18mg iron per day. My blood test last week looked very fine, so in my case it was ok.
Maybe you could ask your gynecologist?


Most daily multivitamins, even for men, have 18mg iron. I’d say that’s the minimum, even without periods. Are there any other nutrients you know of that it’s important for women to get more of? From what I’ve read, calcium and folic acid are the only other ones that have different RDVs based on sex. I’ll be starting an almost-all-Soylent diet tomorrow, so I will keep updating on how I feel.