Women's recipe advice


Has @rob discussed the changes to the ratio needed for female needs? My wife and I want to make our own Soylent and I want to make gender specific recipes.


+1. I’ve been very interested in starting, going over all the DIY recipes plus Rob’s posts/leaks/advice, but really haven’t heard much on this. Any thoughts would be awesome :slight_smile:


Hi there, Soylent Co-Founder here,

We are actively working on our female version and would love your help and input! So far we have 10 women testing the formula and have found that the three most important changes to make are as follows:

  • Less Protein.
  • Less Carbs.
  • More Fat.
  • More Iron.

I will try and get a more specific formula together soon to help you. If you would like to discuss working with the team to develop the female version please email info@soylent.me



While reading this… http://www.nhmrc.gov.au/_files_nhmrc/publications/attachments/n35.pdf I found that the womans formula was a lot different. A large majority of items was less except for iron.

Hope it helps with ur formulas. While its an Australian publication, a lot of their references are from the US and Canada.




It looks like that document is assuming strong differences in body-fat percentage, weight, and height between males and females of each age group. The breakdown answer essentially being that if you fall outside the bounds of what we consider “normal” for your gender these tables might not work.


If you want to maintain a higher weight than yes you need more of everything… if you want to maintain a normal weight… than you need to eat less… which is less of everything. If you want to gain weight… then starting of on the RDI for a normal weight (if you are under weight) than would be sufficient.

In your original post you didnt state anything apart from male and female differences… you didnt mention weights or goals. We can only assume and give you information for normal weights. And since im neither a doctor, nutritionist or dietician, im only going to quote and show you from reputable sources online :smiley:


Like I said, just pointing out that “normal” in a text book might not be normal for an individual. I know women who fall outside those bounds in weight but have healthy BF percentages. :slight_smile: