Wondering if my joint aches could be due to the Soylent


My husband and I both noticed that we had some achey joints that we normally don’t experience. This seems to be a recent occurrence and we wondered if anyone else has noticed this symptom?


Have you consumed Soylent exclusivly or more than 70% of diet?
Have you added the oil and 1 gram of salt?
How long have you been eating Soylent now?
And perhaps your age and weight/height
Are you very active?

The more we know, the more likely we are to find a reason :slight_smile: but your the first to mention joint pain since rob himself added sulphur to the beta Soylent to fix that problem (1.0 has plenty Sulphur from the rice protein… Perhaps even too much)


My husband and I have been drinking Soylent off and on since May, definitely at 70%+ consumption. Neither of us are terribly overweight… I could probably stand to trim 10 pounds off to release my inner goddess :slight_smile: I’m 5’ and 115, he’s 6’ and 182. We both exercise regularly, but are not hardcore fitness freaks. We use the oil, add salt to our diet.


I have noticed what seems to be a unique, novel pain since starting on Soylent 1.0 after it was delivered a week ago… Not exactly sure if it qualifies as “joint pain,” per se, but it’s in both hips and buttocks, started on the left and now, nearly one week into the regimen, it’s on the right…


I’ve been drinking Soylent for 1 month at 60-70% of my diet. So far it’s great. But I do notice joint pain in my elbows especially. I think it is less joint pain and more tendon pain. I add the oil and use salt on other meals.