Working on a recipe

I’m looking into creating my own food replacement, and I’m having trouble knowing how it should look like, because I’ve never done this before. I’m a pretty small guy, and I expect to gain some weight, but I’m not looking to bodybuild or anything. That said, I’m trying to make a basic nutrition formula, nothing special. Here is what I have:

• Wheat Powder Protein, (22.5kg, $129.99)
• Sunflower Oil Bulk (3.5kg, $22.99)
• Bulk Isomaltulose ($5-$10/kg)
•Bulk Oat Flour,, (22.5kg, $57.99)
• Lysine pills ($5-$10)
•Kirkland Signature Multivitamins
• Vitamin D Calcium pills
• Vitamin K pills
• Potassium chloride

Recipe (per day):

• 250g oat flour
• 83g Wheat Protein powder
• 57.5g Sunflower Oil
• 48.5g Isomaltulose

What do you think? I haven’t checked the price for some stuff, but overall, it should be a reasonable price. Does it seem nutritionally complete?

Best way to find out would be to run it through the recipe tool on the DIY site, which will make it clear if your recipe is nutritionally sound, with a bonus of breaking down the daily cost, etc. It’s a great tool, I’ve used it a ton myself.

I’ve never tried wheat protein powder, does it dissolve smoothly and have a good flavor?

Beats me. This’ll all be new to me. Thanks.

I would suggest you get a sample to try before committing to such a large order, proteins can be gritty, or add odd flavors. Whey and soy are both typically smooth for example, but most rice protein will be gritty.

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Thanks; I’ll make sure to make a small order before committing to this one.

I’d recommend against consuming raw wheat protein on a regular basis. The other name for that is “gluten”. Even if you don’t have Celiac, I don’t think you want to be using that as your sole source of protein, especially without cooking and denaturing the structure of the gluten molecule.


I was frustrated trying to figure out what the best option is. What do you think is the healthiest? Do they each have their own perks? Rice, wheat, whey, what’s best? Thanks.

If you are able to eat dairy, whey protein is probably the best all-around option.