Working out with Soylent

Has anyone who has tried Soylent begun a workout/body building program? Not talking about having worked out previously - talking about starting to (seriously) workout for the first time when starting Soylent.

Or - has anybody who has been training for a while noticed any significant gains while on Soylent?

I ask, because I have been planning to start a significant training program, and now that I’ve come across Soylent, I want to see if there were any significant improvements/gains from having 100% nutrients used by the body.

Thanks for any input!

Someone somewhere in this forum said their recovery times increased dramatically with Soylent. Sorry, too lazy to look :smiley:

While I did not notice an increased strength gain that exceeds normal training benefit, I did notice that training on normal food doesn’t work quite as good as training on Soylent…That is probably just a matter of my digestive system taking energy away from my “jogging system” though.

I did also notice what rui said - after very hard training I can still get muscle soreness, but it doesn’t hold very long.

Sorry to revive such an old topic, but I think it’s still a relevant discussion.

Does anyone know if you want to gain muscle and lose fat, that soylent will work well for you? How are you guys calculating your servings to have per day? I was thinking that it might still be a good idea to have a 30 gram scoop of whey post workout even when using Soylent. What do you say?

Its one of my main goals once I start, to start working out as well. I’m going to stick with the normal pack a day, unless it is not covering it, then I will find a way to add to it to replace the fish oil

I will wait and see, but may supplement Soylent with an extra scoop of whey protein on days when I weight train. I am recovering from an injury still from last year and not able to work out like I used to. Cardio is fine, but anything involving my arms is terrible.

Snowman, just do squats. Check out those olympics cyclists with the huge legs :smile:

Let me know how you come out. I agree it might be good to get that extra protein. The creator of this stuff doesnt exactly look like arnold. It would be cool if they had a formula for athletes. I’m not smart enough to come up with one using the open source quite yet.

@spinkick the problem is my forearms, my car’s steering wheel and airbag beat them up pretty bad. I thought I had bone trying to poke through my arm it was bruised so bad. To this day I still have pain, and I have a really hard time lifting or even doing pushups because of the stress it puts on my arms. Oddly enough I have full range of motion in my wrist, though.

This is a picture of what it looked like when I got home from the hospital, it looks fine now. Maybe I just need more protein so my body can continue rebuilding itself, and more light exercises like using my wife’s 5 lb dumbbells until I can use my bigger ones?

Yeah, maybe you have some scarring and just need to slowly work up to it. That looks so painful. If you dont stretch it out and stuff, it tends to heal really tight and less range of motion, it hurts, but you need to flex it and move it around and get that range of motion back. Sort of like what they do with physical therapy. Does that make sense?

I was on painkillers for two weeks. It took a month before I could lift anything heavier than a piece of paper with that arm. I am okay now, full range of motion, and I can carry stuff. But bring out the dumbbells or the curl bar, and game over. That was last July, remember.

Maybe I should start with some super-light weights.

I recommend joining/reading /r/fitness getting started`. I plan to do similar by adding more protein to official soylent. Though I need to do some research to make sure the whey I use doesn’t push me over the limits for particular recommendation nutrient.

I started soylent mid-way through p90x3. I didn’t notice much of a difference, however, I was already eating a pretty healthy low carb diet.

I am about to start another cycle next week.

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How are your results? Are you measuring body fat %? I would be interested to see if folks are losing muscle mass as well as fat. I imagine if you calculate the correct calories you are supposed to have a day including excercise this would not be the case, however Soylent looks to have .8 gram of protein per lb of person at the 2000 callorie level, when body building recommends a gram per lb of body weight or even 1.5 grams.

Thanks for revisiting this topic. I’m impatiently waiting for my first months supply of Soylent, and plan to join the gym as soon as the 1st of the following month comes around. The primary reason for waiting for Soylent is because I cannot control the meals in the house, and we eat quite a bit less than we should have for working out. Essentially, I’m planning to use the regular meals to supplement the Soylent meals. Hahaha!

I also plan to supplement Soylent with other workout proteins, Creatine, post-workout rebuilds, etc…

Now just waiting for that email from Soylent saying my order has shipped! This beautiful weather is making me feel great, and working out will make me feel even more great!

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I am about to take a 90 day fitness and measurements. I have lost about 10 lbs since I began but am not measuring bodyfat%. I not looking to get that big, just more toned and tight. Goal is to at least lose the beertire (which seems to be happening).

I could probably use some more protein, I am currently at .6 gram per lb.

I don’t think I am losing muscle as my repetitions are getting better.

I did P90x3 also. Great program, eh?

I really like it. Short enough not to take up too much time yet still kicks your ass (or mine anyway). I made up my own hybrid schedule for this 2nd run through.

p90x looks great and tony the host (thats his name - right?) is hillarious

Have you guys tried insanity? It really is. The goal is to do weight training in the morning and insanity (basically a high intensity interval training, the king of fat burning) in the afternoon where possible (or jiujitsu)

Anyway, im very interested to see how soylent works with folks athletically training at any level. Im more concerned with efficiency and getting correct callories, than saving money. Without your health, you have nothing, so like they say, pay yourself first :smile:

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I’ve done Power90, P90x, P90x3, Insanity, Body Beast, Focus T25, Les Mills Pump, and Les Mills Combat. I’ve also dabbled in a few of their other programs. I like variety.


You must be the fittest man on earth.

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