Worldwide Re-shipper at 50% off International Fedex Rates and reduced Customs

Major Update:
The response i received was overwhelming. Literally. Initially i wanted to help a few people a month, but the 45 different people i got messages from shocked me. I simple do not have the time to re-ship any more packages.
So, sadly, i am going to have to put a halt to any more people wanting re-shipping.
I will work with those i already contracted with to help them get the product here, but i just cant do any more! Sorry!

Here was the initial Message:
When Soylent first shipped, some people in my office didn’t like the taste, so we sold a couple of months worth to people overseas. I’ve shipped in 1-month (28 day) increments to Europe several times now. I get approx 50% off all posted FedEx rates (International Priority and Economy – ie, FAST) through work – also customs and duties have been much smaller since it goes through our own customs agents and it’s worked out really well. I also normally repack the unwieldy Soylent boxes into a smaller normal 16x12x12 box that weigh 36lbs. (Saves on shipping $$$)

I know how frustrating it has been for those overseas not to be able to get their product, so if anyone wants, I am willing to repack and ship anyone’s Soylent to them for the cost of the new box ($3.00), a little for my time ($10) and whatever shipping comes to (Figure approx. 50% off retail). So $13, plus half of regular shipping. We ship all the time so this wouldn’t really be an inconvenience for me and Soylent has helped me lose 40 lbs and feel much better so I want others to have a chance to try it sooner than sometime in 2016… lol

If you were an original backer or ordered a while back, Rosa Labs is willing to ship your Soylent NOW and not in the future if you send it to a “re-shipper”, which in this case is me.

Send me a PM or email me at naturesfusions at gmail. Name’s CJ.

Approx Rates:
Calgary: $257 = $128
Toronto: $225 = $112.50
Sweden: $480 = $240
England: $389 = $194.50
Germany: $389 = $194.50
Italy: $389 = $194.50
Poland: $748 = $374
Russia: $748 = $374
India: $540 = $270
China: $495 = $247.50
Japan: $385 = $192.50
Australia: $540 = $270
Brazil: $810 = $405
Greenland: $480 = $240

Update: I realized there is probably some skepticism on who i am - If @konacj, and @qentaur77 would be willing to vouch, i have worked and shipped with them to Sweden and Canada.


I’ll vouch. @natures_fusions is a good guy. He’s quick and saved me big time. Canadian customs initially wanted $85 and I only ended up paying $6.

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I can also vouch for @natures_fusions.
He helped out when there was a snag with Swedish customs so I didn’t get to pay any extra.
Been using him to ship me 2 months worth of Soylent bought of E-bay and now as re-shipper for the third.

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hmmm I may try this out - thanks for the offer! (Canadian here, in BC. Been waiting over a year now…)

Hi, this is wonderful, I just sent you an email. I live in Sweden and would love to get it. How do I pay and order?

Are the approx. rates you posted based on 1 month shipments?

Yes these are based on 1 month (28 day) orders. Larger orders would most likely be slightly less per pound.
A 1 month order weighs 42 lbs from Rosa Labs but only about 36 lbs when reboxed.

Process of setting up International Re-shipping for Soylent.
Arrange with Rosa Labs to change your shipping address to
Nature’s Fusions
1184 South Palisades Drive
Orem, Utah 84097

Rosa labs ships and sends you a shipping confirmation. Forward that to my email so I know which shipment is yours.

Upon arrival:
Reboxing from 42 lbs Soylent boxes to a double-walled 16x12x12 brown box. (Oil bottles are packed in a smaller box inside so they don’t roll around, and pouches are smoothed and stacked for optimal safety and space efficiency. And extra space has bubble fillers)
The box is weighed and an exact shipping cost is calculated.
At this point I will ask you send the money for shipping and the $13 for packaging & handling. Preferably via Paypal.
*Because we have our own customs lawyers, most of the time, customs and duties come to zero dollars. Only once has someone had to pay, and they paid $8.00
I will bill the customs to my account, if there is a charge I will let you know, otherwise assume it was $0.00

Upon shipping, I will take photographs of the box with the shipping documents at the Fedex offices and send them to you with the tracking information.
You should generally expect your Soylent within 2-4 business days. If the box gets held up in customs entry, it may add a few days to that time. This has happened 1 time because I wasn’t detailed enough on the documents. I have since had our lawyer write up a very good description that passes customs every time.

Note: I know there have been scams in the past with pre-sold Soylent earlier this year and I want everyone to feel secure in this transaction.
So I am happy to ship to someone via a payment held in Escrow. I don’t get paid until you get your Soylent. However, I would ask you to cover the escrow fees.


Thanks for the detailed info - looks like a sweet & easy deal, especially with being able to use PayPal. I just sent RL an email. Expect an email from me shortly. :smiley:

If you were a 3-month backer it looks like shipping drops considerably in price when shipped in large quantities.

Shipping from:
84097 Orem Utah USA
2800 Kongens Lyngby

1x 36lb 16x12x12 package : $480.42/2 =$240.21
3x 36lb 16x12x12 packages: $801.67/2 =$400.84
1x 105lb 24x24x12 package: $787.90/2 =$393.80

It looks like fedex gives generous discounts on multiple identical boxes to the same address. I think for the extra 2% it would be safer, and easier for customs, to go with the 3x individual box option.

Have you any experience getting it through Brazilian customs? I’ve ordered 2 mo the of my own but it has been stuck in customs for over 7 weeks, with the Brazilian FDA asked for a doctors prescription. If it gets sent back, I could have it redirected to you, but want to know if you’re confident you could get it through. I’d be willing to pay a little extra too, if it involves extra work. Thanks.

Welp, I changed my shipping address, and Soylent just confirmed it. Just waiting for a shipping confirmation from them now. :smile:

I have received WAY more response than i could have imagined. I was initially thinking of doing a handful of these a month, but i got over 45 people wanting to have their product re-shipped, many of which wanted a monthly subscription.
So, sadly, i am going to have to put a halt to any more people wanting re-shipping. I simply do not have the time.
I will work with those i already contracted with to help them get the product here, but i just cant do any more! Sorry!

For anyone else I am using for a monthly subscription. They charge $11 handling + shipping fee ($168.67 to Australia via DHL for 2 day shipping).
I don’t know about other countries - but Australia I have not had a problem with customs - haven’t had to pay any extra fees etc.
TNT is a lot cheaper for shipping ($30 or so less) - but they won’t ship liquids - and I have the oil blend in mine so I have to use DHL.

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No problem, natures_fusions. Wow, what a response! Just goes to show how badly the international crowd want to get their Soylent!

Mine was only a week’s worth, as it turns out, and I’m not looking for a re-shipping based subscription. I can wait for Soylent to sort international subscriptions out themselves. Thanks for your troubles, and thanks for getting me my Soylent! Been a long 14 month wait, but at least I can see some light at the end of the tunnel, finally… (still waiting for that shipping notice/confirmation from RL, though, haha)

@natures_fusions, any updates on this topic ? You continue to re-ship soylent to Brazil ?