Worth it to order 1.5?


I am thinking about making an order for 1.5, but I have read a few posts that say it’s rather disgusting. Do you all think it’s worth making an order for 1.5 or just waiting until 1.6 comes out? 1.3 was the only version I have tried and I liked it a lot, but I hate having to measure out the oil when I portion the powder into containers (for personal sport blender).



Taste and preferences are highly subjective. Some people hate it some people like it. Only you and your mouth will be able to tell you if you like it or not.


I’m hoping to order a months worth so I really need the opinions of others before I jump right in. It would be a shame to waste all that money and product.


It has the best overall reviews of any version so far, otherwise RL wouldn’t have released it (or so Rob claimed in his recent AMA). I trust rob, so I think it’s worth ordering.


Try getting one bag off of Ebay or Craig’s List or of someone here there that lives near you or that will ship it to you and see if that merits ordering more.

As of now I think that that is one factor that will limit how many people will try Soylent, namely it takes a $70 investment just to see whether you like it or not, unless you go to the trouble of getting one bag as I suggested.


I’d say order 1 week. If the first bag or two is good, you can switch to a month and have it delivered before your first week runs out.


Maybe your thread title should be “Does 1.5 taste similar to 1.3”.

I can understand not wanting to waste that much money on something you don’t like, but whether other people like something probably won’t tell you much about whether you’ll like it.


Yeah. Your thread is basically, “Do you like v1.5?”

Also, you’ve read a few posts that say v1.5 is rather disgusting. You’ve probably read many more that say it is rather good. Right?

FWIW, in the forum poll listed here, 72% of people preferred v1.4 over 1.3. Which still means there is a 28% chance you will still prefer v1.3 more.

This entire discourse just reiterates time after time, individual tastes vary.



I just reactivated my subscription since I had a lot of v1.2 and v1.3 left I skipped over 1.4, I’m interested to see how it compares to the ones without the oils included.