Would anyone be interested in trading for four boxes of Coffiest?

I have four boxes of Coffiest and I have decided not to try them since I had such a hard time with the caffeine from the box of Vanilla I drank.

I would take any flavor minus Vanilla in return (trading me back Original would be the best deal for you, obviously).

I’m open to some kind of Powder deal as well.

I haven’t looked in to shipping or anything, so not sure how big of a hassle that potentially could be.

Just wondering.

Maybe give your approximate location?

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San Francisco California USA


well if you lived near me i’d probably do it

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Is mailing it a big deal?

Expensive, I wouldn’t do it. (I’m in Canada, so cross border…)


Well, more people might be willing to mail within California than the East Coast, for example.

Or, people in SF might be willing to meet up for an exchange.

That’s why.