Would help for personal mentions in a thread, to get a different color


For @codinghorror I would imagine… At the moment it appears that if you are mentioned in a thread, a blue bubble will appear. But this is the same bubble that appears any time there are new posts, so there is no visual indication that a specific new post is a mention of you.

It would be great if in the form post list itself, a green bubble would appear to indicate a personal mention - much as how the green bubble appears to indicate a PM in the header.


so seeing the blue flag, then clicking it to see the notifications is not specific enough?

Not trying to be snarky… It seems easy to me. I see blue flag, so that means ive either gotten a quote, mention, or a like. when i hit the speaking icon a list drops and any of the types i just listed is there…

seems easy enough…to me anyway.


Yes, what @spud said – simply expand the notifications and you can see the notification type there:

  • quote mark " means you were quoted
  • reply arrow ← means you were replied to
  • at symbol @ means you were mentioned
  • envelope means you were private messaged


No, what I mean is from the top level… not being in a thread. When all you see are the subject lines, and a blue bubble indicating there are new posts in the topic. You can’t tell if they are specific mentions to you, or just new replies in general.


Right – but that’s what the blue number at the top right of your browser is for, those are how many directly mentioned you.


anything that shows up blue is something specific for you. on the main page of “unread” or “new” those numbers just indicate new topics or replys to previous topics… but those have nothing to do with you specifically…


oh!! I completely never got that at all. Never could figure out what that blue bubble was since it didn’t seem to correspond to anything. Except now that I look at it… I think I remember why I ignored it. Isn’t that ANYTHING that personally involes you, including people “liking” your posts? Frankly I couldn’t especially care less about who likes my posts or how many likes I get, so that bubble basically always tells me stuff I don’t care about, so I’ve learned to ignore it. And threads get blue bubbles over them all the time despite there being no new personal mentions of me at all. Again maybe this is just people “liking” one of my replies in a thread? Utterly pointless and confusing IMO. Is there a place we can turn that particular notification off? If it only showed a blue bubble on specific name mentions, I’d be very pleased.

But that’s just it, blue does not appear to always mean something specific for me, unless you’re including “likes”. I want to know when someone specifically addresses me, so that I know to pop into a thread I might otherwise not be following. Right now I seem to see blue every time someone even “likes” something I wrote, which has just trained me to ignore the blue bubbles entirely.


Yes everything specifically about you. Including likes. You hit that bubble and the icons make it pretty easy to decipher if its a like, a quote, or a reply to you.

Of course im not as popular as you are and dont know how many likes show up to make it difficult to see the other icons… lol

It seems easy to me… *shrug. I guess it would be cool to turn off a notification if you got a like or not…


A good compromise would be to have setting to specify what you want to get notifications for. In @vanclute’s case, he’d disable notifications for likes.

I on the other hand, enjoy the warm fuzzies that positive feedback gives me, so I’d leave it enabled.


Yeah I’m a mod in another forum (not discourse obviously) and it allows me to disable alerts on likes. First thing I did because if you’re active, you invariably get a lot of likes and they push other things you really DO want to be notified of, down off the screen.

Definitely would like to be able to disable notifications on likes. That would suddenly make the blue bubbles useful.


Sounds like a good suggestion to me.


Maybe colorizing the notifications you see from the blue bubble dropdown would be a good hack. Since there’s already an icon associated with the line, it would probably be pretty trivial to add colored highlights.


Unfortunately that doesn’t address the core issue, which is that the bubble represents ALL interactions with you in any way, including likes. If you get a lot of them, they push down other notifications off the list and you don’t see them. I just plain would rather not see likes in the list. Then I would know if the bubble is there, I have something someone has addressed to me and should look at.