Would it be terrible to run two or more flavor/mix types?


I personally am having a very bad experience with 1.4 but me and my wife thought 1.3 was exactly what we needed. I understand improving a product and wholly agree, however the mixed reactions I’m reading on this board suggest I’m not the only one who dislikes 1.4. It also suggests there are many who really like 1.4 and didn’t like 1.3. To that end, would it impossible to have at least two varieties of soylent in the future. I understand the complexities of supply chain management, and batch runs etc etc, however you would get higher customer retention…especially this guy.


This has been suggested before. I hope and suspect that Soylent 1.5 will try to find a taste that will appeal to a larger proportion of customers. If that can’t be done, they may eventually start selling more varieties. (in the meantime, I’m happy with 1.4)


1.3’s had some issues with it. Too low salt, possibly goitrogenic canola, having to add oil separately ( and its logistical headaches), possible ATCV virus issue with algal oil, digestability etc.


I never found adding oil to be a great hardship, myself. In fact, I liked doing so, though I don’t miss it.


Adding oil wasn’t a great hassle at all, I guess I’m just shocked at how different 1.3 and 1.4 are. I think a key to making soylent a viable alternative is to make sure people look forward to having some. I’m sure many people find 1.4 great, but I find it hard to believe it’s the same people who thought 1.3 was great since the difference is so large.


I thought they were both great.


Tark… No! Just no!!! There were never any virus issues, only some people who were worried for no reason.


If you look at the polls (which you can no longer see the results of) then you will see that a lot of people actually like 1.4 and some like it a lot better. That being said I would love for Soylent 1.5 to be exactly the same as 1.4 except taste exactly like 1.3. I would be happy to live off of 1.4 for the rest of my life but would not be opposed to a better flavor.

I think Rosa Labs will have to address this sometime in the future. There are a bunch of little companies out there making knock offs, but sometime soon one of the big boys is going to get into the market. I would love to stick with Soylent but if Pepsi (for wacky example) makes a comparable product that tastes good then I would have to switch. To stay on top, they will have to make multiple versions. We’ve seen in this forum that there is NOT one formula that everybody will like. So far it seems like 25% of people will hate whatever you produce.


Are you sure about that?


100% sure yes, no virus in the oil


How do you know that?


The burden of evidence is in your hands on this one. There was never any indication of any risk. Other than the article of a virus in algea somewhere in nature… This algea oil is produced industrially in a manufactoring plant, under controled conditions… with testing done on it… Also viruses can’t replicate in oil… They need living cells.


Let me get back to you on this :smile:


Firstly, i said there is a possibility, i did not say algal oil would have it. And based on that article me saying that there is a possibility is justified. Virii cannot replicate in oil but can exist and when they enter into a human body they can replicate.

But if the algal oil has been tested for the virii and no virii had been found then its all good, nothing to worry in my opinion.


They already do this. L and C batches appear to taste completely different and have different consistency even. A lot of the confusion surrounding 1.4 and how some people absolutely love it whilst others vehemently hate it might come down to which batch they are getting…


How many L and C batches have been compared? I am on my third month of 1.4 and since it always tastes fine, I haven’t been trying to determine why it tastes fine.