Would Soylent be good for my stuation?


I have Gastroparesis, I also suffer from bile gastritis, and have had my gall bladder removed due to non function. I am also diabetic, plus have a multitude of other issues, such as esophageal spasms, dysphagia, etc… . Way too many things to list.
Often, my stomach hurts so much, and I have frequent nausea, that I can’t eat. So I drink protein shakes, or atkins shake, etc… .
What I’m wondering is if Soylent would be ideal for my situation?

  • Jamie


It sounds like it would be, but I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV. You should consider discussing this with someone with some letters after their name instead of people on the internet.


I was just simply putting the question out there, and looking to see if anyone else might be dealing with a similar situation as mine.


We’re all a bit off our rockers to be doing this. If you have real health issues wait for the tests sponsored by the Kickstarter and then discuss things with your doctor.