Would Soylent help with weight gain?


I’m a person with high metabolism so it’s very hard for me to gain weight. I’m a skinny guy and Soylent has peaked my interest. Any feedback would be appreciated.



I guess a DIY recipe with more calories would do the trick.


This is my goal as well. I have been on Soylent for almost 3 months now. So far I have been able to sustain my weight, but not really gain. I dropped from a 6,000 calorie muggle diet down to a 3,200 calorie Soylent diet. I did lose some weight in the beginning, but that was only because of my own foolishness. Once I fixed that I was able to put the weight back on that I had initially lost.

Currently I believe my body to be in a “cutting” state. Meaning that I am dropping body fat, and gaining muscle, but I am not really gaining or losing weight per se. I have physically become bigger, stronger, and more lean in the last couple of months.

I am still working to stabilize my formula. Hopefully this last tweak that I have done will make it more stable. And if after a couple of weeks if I do think it is stable then I will begin to tweak the recipe to try and put on some more weight. I wanted to make sure from the start that I had a working recipe before I started trying to tweak it to hit my goals. It has been a lengthy process, but I do believe that I am close now.

The last time that I checked, I think my recipe had the highest calories and protein content, but that may not be the case any more.

Let me know if you would like any more info.


You could link to the thread where you evolve your recipe.


Yeah I guess I could. I didn’t figure anyone would want to read my ramblings though, as they are quite long.

But here is my thread:

Currently I am on Diet v3.1, but I will move to Diet v4.0 as soon as the ingredients arrive.