Would the Soylent team consider doing a reddit AMA?


I was just thinking that this might be helpful in spreading the word further, and help answer some myths about Soylent and similar types of food.


They already did :). So you are asking them to do it again?


whats the point…you have to wait half a year or more to get it.

they should just worry about shipping product faster, I get the feeling they’d have more customers if it were easy to try some.


Here it is:


But on the flip side, having so many customers that you can’t fulfill orders timely isn’t a terrible problem to have. Maybe it would be better for them to have less customers so that there’s less wait.


That’s how I found out about it! After much thought and a bit of a wait I just received my shipment today, starting right now!!


They shouldn’t waste any more time on New 4chan.


new 4chan ?

Seeing crap like this makes me wish we had a dislike button.


My original comment was a hasty judgment, and so I am withdrawing it.


ahh thanks, I didn’t recognize the name. :stuck_out_tongue: We have a pretty active group over in /r/soylent. :slight_smile:


My apologies, in this case I seem to have misunderstood you. Though you have had quite a few useless posts recently which were not humorous. I judged your most recent post in light of your recent conduct.

Also, I honestly want to know what “self-serious” is even supposed to mean. o_O


I’m sorry, but the reddit interface is nothing like 4chan. 4chan is a messageboard/imageboard. It’s posts are by Anonymous and tbh, it’s a bit cluster of a site to me. I can’t tell heads from tails on it. That’s why I like reddit the good stuff floats and the shit sinks. :stuck_out_tongue: You have to control your own site and ditch the meme’y subs.


It usually means you’re taking something you’re doing yourself really seriously when it’s actually goofy as hell. As an example, living on food-sludge. We’re all a bunch of weirdos, we shouldn’t be slinging mud over what we perceive to be “useless posts”.

@Ichabod13 they look identical with different colors/fonts to me. One block of text with optional image, then nested replies. Also 4chan has multiple boards too, and you could post under a name if you wanted. But every time I’ve been linked to Reddit I’ve immediately regretted clicking it.

I actually remember being really surprised when reddit started getting super popular a couple of years ago because to me it was always “that even more low-rent 4chan or Fark”


I seriously just tried to go to that site and I can’t make sense of anything. I don’t know who is talking about what or what is going on. I tried to go to video games. I just don’t see how you can see them as the same thing haha. :slight_smile: I’ve been on reddit for almost 8 years and I don’t sub to any of the popular ones that come with the account. I like my news, games, soylent, kansas, etc. Come say hi to us over at www.reddit.com/r/Soylent!! I promise we don’t bite. :stuck_out_tongue: