Would you prefer 500ml Soylent 2.0 bottles?

I was in the store today and saw a 500ml tertrapak container of wine and then saw that my bottle of water was also 500ml, so I’m wondering if a 400ml bottle of Soylent is somehow preferrable to a 500ml size.

500ml is a serving from v1.5 when poured from a pitcher so this seems inconsistant.

Would you prefer a 400ml serving or a 500ml serving single bottle of Soylent 2.0?




I won’t be buying the 2.0 but one benefit of having 400 mL bottles because it gives people the option between 1200, 1600, or 2000 calories instead of just 1,500 and 2,000 calories.


Agreed… 400 gives greater flexibility. But that is a LOT of bottles.


I’d rather have an option for 2L bottles (1 day size) at a price point closer to the powder.


I’ll probably move to 2.0, just because of the glycemic index/load, though in every other way I prefer the powder. Spouse drinks about 500ml in the car on the way to work; I see pouring 1 1/4 bottles into one of the blender bottles we’re already using to continue that, a minor pain and waste of plastic.


Is there a particular reason you want to go with 4 meals over 5 meals?

I’d rather have 500ml, but I can see the logic in 400ml.

Agreed with @AgentSpiff that a 2 liter option would be nice. Maybe that’ll be Soylent 2.1.

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The price is higher than powder because of the shipping cost they take on of all that extra water weight, so decreasing the number of bottles won’t decrease the price.

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  1. I’d like fewer bottles and less plastic. I don’t need to drink an entire bottle at one go, since unlike Rob I have a fridge.

  2. Spouse drinks a 500ml breakfast on the drive to work, which allows for just a light lunch and no snacking on all the tempting snacks in the office. 20% fewer calories? Maybe not so much.

So we’re gonna be pouring 1 1/4 bottles into a larger container for that meal anyway.

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2L sounds good to me too.

Shipping cost is only one factor, larger units are simply cheaper to manufacture. It takes more material to pack the same volume of fluid into smaller containers, and you need an extra layer of packaging to group the containers. 2L bottles can go straight into the shipping box.

I’d like to hear the company’s reasoning behind the 400ml bottles. They should find out from users whether or not the 1200 and 1600 options matter (or whatever their reasoning is). An alternative is 500ml bottles with a vertical slit with measurements. That way users can see how much they drink and if they only want to drink 250ml, 400ml or whatever, they’ll see where they can stop. Users who normally drink 500ml can drink the whole thing. And it’s one less bottle.

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I have a feeling that some commercial arrangements are going into the calculations – like, what size does 7-11 want to sell? Or some company. I could be wrong, of course.


Unfortunately, Soylent has been really adamant (misguidedly I think) that they don’t want to do retail at all.

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I mentioned one gallon bottles a few days back, but this seems a better idea.


How about milk jugs while we’re at it? :grin:

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Hmm good idea. But why stop at milk jugs? container trucks filled with soylent delivered to home is another one that i have in mind.

Naw, that’s just silly. What we need is Soylent piped into our homes, as ubiquitous as water.