Would you prefer powdered Soylent that needs additional oil if it improves taste?

I love Soylent 2.0. But I also felt that powered Soylent was less wasteful: no plastic bottles, less weight in transportation, more compact for storage.

I think that there are plans in 2016 to update the formula in powdered Soylent to more closely resemble 2.0. If the powdered Soylent tasted anything like 2.0, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

Lets give the development team some feedback and communicate what we’re looking for:
Hypothetical question: Would you prefer powdered Soylent that needs oil to be added if it improves taste?

  • Taste and texture are more important to me than convenience. Having an oil bottle is fine.
  • Convenience is more important than texture. Having an extra oil bottle is cumbersome and not worth it.

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They’ll update the powder to make it better but why would the bring the oil back? I think the oil is gone for food.

It’s a purely hypothetical question. If oil hypothetically made it taste better, would you bring it back?

At a certain point the product team needs to make compromises. I’m just trying to gauge if people’s preferences on the taste vs. convenience spectrum.

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I voted for convenience but really it depends on how much better that taste is with the oil. If it was way better then I’d use it but I guess that’s probably true with everyone, with everyone having their own definition of “way better.” Also, I’m assuming the cost would be the same but if not then that would enter into it too.

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I’m glad they got rid of oil back in the day.

Definitely don’t want them to bring it back. It was a hassle.

Pouring oil in was so laborious.

Glad it is gone for good!

I agree with you but OTOH that is testimony to how quickly we get used to something good and then want it to be even better. When Soylent first started, even with the hassle of using the oil Soylent seemed very convenient in comparison to preparing 2000 calories of healthy food. Then when we get Soylent without oil for awhile we look back and say “Wow, what a hassle the oil was.” I guess everything is relative.

Pouring in oil sucked. Please don’t ever bring it back.

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I think the assumption that a separate oil bottle would improve taste or texture is flawed.


I think the taste is fine without oil, but I think the idea that adding oil was difficult or a pain is laughable. So I’m fine either way.


It’s extremely easy to make powdered soylent taste great without resorting to oil bottles. Most oil is easily converted to powdered form.

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The plastic oil bottle was wasteful and ultimately proved to be unnecessary. Powdered oil FTW.


I prefer they improve the taste and texture without us having to add oil.


If having oils meant that powder has the same consistency as 2.0 then I’m all for it. 2.0 is much more palatable imo because its practically a homogeneous liquid while the powder version is much less homogeneous.

But if it came down to closing convenience or taste/texture, which direction would you lean towards?

I would grudgingly lean towards taste/texture while hoping for both in future versions.

Folks here are some of the laziest people I’ve ever heard. Pouring in the oil was really that difficult??? Version 1.3 was, hands down, the best tasting version and I would GLADLY suffer the “incovenience” of the oil bottles if Rosa Labs would revert to this version.

I’m not sure the liquid oil vs. powder oil was that important for 1.3’s flavor. I think 1.3’s flavor could be done with powder oil. (Though I hope they do not go back to that flavor.)

What other versions have you tasted?

Its not about laziness, having to add oil brings a lot of inconveniances like whether we are pouring the exact amount, whether we are mixing it properly, the possibility of spilling, cleaning the drinking bottle with the oil residue in it, oil going bad etc etc.