Wow, 1.3 really *is* that good


So in our recent quest to stock up on plenty of our beloved 1.3 Soylent while we skip 1.4 and wait for 1.5, we also picked up a couple weeks of 1.2 that another particularly awesome forum member was willing to part with. Mixed a batch up last night and have been drinking it today.

WOW. 1.3 is amazeballs in comparison. It’s been long enough that I’d forgotten what 1.2 was like. It’s not bad or anything, but it’s just a little… not sure… funky. Has a slightly odd taste going down. After taste is also slightly odd, but not overly strong.

All in all, 1.2 is ok and we’re definitely both able to drink it just fine but 1.3 is absolutely phenomenal in comparison. By my memory, they were nearly identical, but whatever did change with regards to flavor between the two is actually quite pronounced. I look forward to finishing up the 1.2 and getting back to 1.3. Might alternate days, or even combine the two to see how that goes.

Sure am curious to hear an actual 1.5 announcement hopefully sometime very soon! :slight_smile:


Maybe it could be the switch of the kind of potassium from 1.2 to 1.3 that made the old formula better. If it is true, they could examine if it will have the same taste effect in the new formula (that is if it doesnt mess up anything else in the current formula like nutrition balance or have a cross reaction with anything in the new one.)

Edit: Or to the body :wink:


There is still quite a bit of 1.3 available on eBay. I purchased a little bit while I was waiting for my regular shipments to start.

Just FYI in case you hadn’t thought of it.


Yeah I’ve acquired quite the supply from other forum members actually, so we’re in pretty good shape for at least a couple months now. If all else failed then yeah I’d turn to ebay but, in pretty good shape at the moment. :slight_smile:


I never had the chance to sample 1.2. But I gather from the change log that there was little change from 1.2 to 1.3. That, sir, would make you a super taster.


Actually I hadn’t thought of it. Guess I’d better get a supply; only have a couple of weeks left, and no telling how long it will take axcho to fulfill an initial order. Personally I could have stayed on 1.3 forever. As it is, I’ve cancelled my recurring order.


LOL I sincerely doubt it. But then again I’ve had such little variety of food all my life, hell maybe I am and don’t know it. Never even crossed my mind before.

Ditto… 1.3 was a dream come true for me. Really hoping 1.5 gets me back there again…


I don’t see them pulling the fat back out into the oil bottles again. And it the 40% fat calories that has sent me away, so I don’t think that will change much.