Wow, apparently I can't count (or measure)


I just had a brain flash and possible explanation of why my full size brownie batches keep not coming out good.

My “small batch” that I made several times and was delicious, was 1 cup Soylent powder. For reasons unknown to me, I thought that was half a bag of Soylent. So for my “full size” batches, I’ve been multiplying all the other ingredients by 2x.

Turns out (duh) that there is about 4 cups of Soylent powder in a bag (at least with 1.4 anyway - I should actually measure a bag of 1.3) which would by association mean I need to multiply the other ingredients by 4x, not 2x.

Even if 1.3 is less volume, like say 3 cups… I’m still way off by only doubling. I haven’t been using 1.4 for brownies so now I need to measure out a bag of 1.3 and find out definitively what my ingredient multiplier needs to be (unless someone else cares to post how many cups of powder are in a bag of 1.3 :slight_smile: )


Nice blog post…