Wow someone has changed the look of the board slightly


Checkout the new message counts


I just saw that. At first I wondered if the css hadn’t loaded completely. I dig it


I’ll have to see how this looks when I get home, work internet doesn’t load everything correctly most of the time. From what I can see, I like the blue lettering of notices much better than the previous white text on blue.


(I moved the topic to the meta category.)
I kind of liked the other counts more than these, but you can’t ever have everyone happy :wink:


And they moved the category indicator in the “Suggested Topics” widget. O_O I was just about to post that I didn’t like that it was missing when I saw where it moved to.


The title of the thread got me to respond.
Wow and slightly are two words that don’t normally show up in a sentence together unless the word Wow is italicized or something.

But you have a point. The font used could be indicative of some new graphics.

Bubbles were a little iPhone. The new way is more Soylent.