Wow, Soylent sure is satisfying!


Starting day 4 with official Soylent. I haven’t actually done a full day without any solid food at all yet, largely because there were leftovers in the fridge that I didn’t want to go to waste. I have been probably 80% to 85% Soylent though now.

This morning it really hit me as I had my first meal of the day… Soylent is INCREDIBLY satisfying going down. It’s crazy, not like any other drink that is just “refreshing” or that you can feel hydrating as it goes down the hatch. This is something else. It just feels immensely good. I can’t really describe it beyond that. It feels good both in terms of the texture, but also in how it absorbs. It’s very strange to actually notice a physical sensation like this from “eating”, can’t say I’ve ever noticed anything like this before. I love it! And that’s really not something I expected. =)


Showoff… And I’m still waiting :frowning:


DIYers know this pretty well, it IS amazing and satisfying.

If for no other reason than the feeling of Satiation vs Feeling Full. The latter just doesn’t happen as often with S/soylent, and sometimes after gulping a lot down, you have to wait a minute or two before your body realizes that it has enough calories for the next few hours. Even after it’s become old hat, it’s still cool, silly, and awesome.


Man oh man, you guys are bringin’ it today! I think you’ve nailed it; in all of human history, there has never been a single food source that immediately provides all the nutrition your body needs…until Soylent! This is a new experience for humanity.


Yeah it is seriously a weird sensation! LOL But I love it. And I’m someone who simply Does. Not. Love. Food. PERIOD. Nothing about eating has ever been something I wanted to talk about, examine, think about, or even do! Soylent is a totally different experience. I love not having to think for even a moment about what I’m going to eat, or have to do anything to prepare it (other than the pitcher top-up roughly every 18 hours or so), or anything to clean up after except put my glass in the dishwasher!

Both of us are completely loving that we have Soylent now. It’s such a massive relief to no have the burden (and yes, it IS a burden to some of us despite all the foodies who find that idea mortally offensive) of food to deal with.

This is definitely life changing. The effects are so far reaching, I suspect I’m still going to be figuring out what they all are months from now, maybe years.

Yay Soylent!!!


Yep, lovin’ your posts. I hope the more you figure out, the more you’ll post (and make videos) about it.


That’s the plan! And pretty soon there’s gonna be an army of fellow Soylenters joining me I’m sure! =)


Oh Vanclute :slight_smile: I was wondering what you settled on doing in regards to the oil? how much did you end up adding in the end and of which?


Went with Canola oil, adding 3.25 Tbls to each pitcher of Soylent. Makes a definite difference to the texture but doesn’t adversely affect the taste in the slightest.


Still drinking it plain?


Yep, it didn’t take long at all to get used to, and now we both really enjoy it. The aftertaste especially is still so bizarre to me… my mouth feels like I’ve been eating vanilla cake all day! LOL


You know we’re all living vicariously through you right now. :slight_smile:


LOL I thought I felt like I was being watched while I was… er… nevermind!


You know, you are actually helping me calm my anger towards all the delays and the way they have been handling it all.

Why? Well, because you are helping to confirm that it really is going to be worth the wait, that it really is everything they said it is and more importantly everything I had hoped it would be.

As others have said, I am too living vicariously through you so I wanted to thank you and let you know how much I personally appreciate your feedback while I wait (im)patiently for my Soylent to arrive.


Wow… I’m not sure what to even say about that. It certainly wasn’t my intention, but if I’m helping you (or anyone) with my excited sometimes-ramblings about the new future I’m discovering for myself, then that’s certainly a terrific side effect. I really do believe it will be worth any wait anyone has to sit through. Heck it was about 9 months ago that I placed my order, and I can’t imagine being any happier that I took the leap of faith that I did!

Then again, I didn’t follow any of the DIY Solyent movement, and maybe that would have made me much more anxious about the whole thing since I’d have had some idea of what was to come. For myself, I didn’t want to even attempt to get ahold of any early batches even as some sort of beta tester, for fear that it would put me off of the whole concept (and when it comes to food I’m the sort where once I’ve had a bad experience of any kind, it can be very hard if not impossible to shake later).

Production Soylent is everything Rob promised and probably more. I do think that this is a case of the whole being much more than the sum of its parts. The ripple effect of this simple-seeming product is so far reaching, I’m discovering something else about it nearly every day now. This has already changed my/our lives in ways I would never have guessed would happen, and I’m not even 5 days in!! I’m not a big “save the world” type, but I truly see in Soylent a possible means to drastically changing the world for the better not just in something as obvious as fighting obesity or malnutrition, but with everything from increasing people’s disposable income to put back into the economy, to giving people more free time to pursue creative passions, to lowering carbon emissions by reducing the amount of driving due to grocery shopping, and so much more.

Soylent is probably the single largest, most truly significant thing I’ve ever been a part of (other than perhaps the personal computer revolution), and I feel honored to be able to share whatever I can with whoever wants to hear it. None of this has anything really to do with my reasons for ordering Soylent in the first place, which were purely for my own self-interest. But now that I’m experiencing it first hand, I’m actually excited to see just how much good may come out of this for all of man/animal kind.

Rob, my hat is literally off to you right now. We may never meet, but you have solved something that has been a very serious problem in my life for a very very long time. I am forever grateful to you for that.

And heck who knows, I’m in Sunnyvale where this whole project started, just a mile or two from the house on Rosa. So hey, maybe we will meet one of these days!

To everyone waiting for their Soylent… it really will be worth the wait. Believe me!!


This really gets me excited for when I finally get my shipment. I can’t wait to see the changes in my life.


If you’re in the right city, Rob may be able to make some time to meet you if you ask. I’m sure he’s busy, but I’m also sure he’d find it satisfying to meet someone whose life he’s changed.


I’m glad Soylent works so well for you and it confirms my belief about Soylent since I learned of it last year. I hope that if I’m lucky enough to be able to try Soylent next year at this time (when it’ll be arriving here in Canada) that my results are as good as yours.


Does anyone else remember the Dilberito?

It had pretty much the same effect, at least for me.
That’s one of the reasons I’m so interested in Soylent.