Wow, v3.0 released!


Is what I’d say if that actually happened… Yep.


How could you betray my trust like this?


Lol, I was waiting for someone with a sense of humor to chime in… Thanks man


I can’t believe you’ve done this.


I fell for it. I saw the headline, thought “Holy c**p, what’s it going to be like?” as I clicked the link…sigh.


How could you be so cruel?


3 new flavors: Fried chicken and waffles, Steak and bacon, and Meatlovers Pizza ^_^. The new Soylent 3.0!


It’s all in the name of fun {at least in my head it is, yep}

With all dose brainiac types here I just figured {knowing me, probably wrong} that the board could use a little “help” moving along.

I’m also secretly hoping for the next upgrade/change or tweak will keep me full.

Man that would just be the icing on the cake!

I’m beginning to think it’s the actual weight of solid food in my stomach, since I’ve already tried more water, less water, drinking slower, chewing, different flavors and powder vs liquid, extra protein both slow and quick

I’m at a total loss. Soylent is such a good fit for me except for the feeling satiated thing.


I typically find my satiation being linked to my cravings. Salt and protein in general tend to improve my satiety. If you include some small portions of foods that really “hit the spot”, you may find your satiety increase with your Soylent if you’re anything like me