Wracking my brain trying to finish up my macro variable Soylent recipie


Hello all,

I’ve been doing a moderate amount of research on making my own Soylent, having studied a bit of nutrition and fitness before hearing about Soylent. My current recipe is a work in progress located here:

Big thanks to @GodRaine , @CuriousBen & @JosephK for the spreadsheets and extra info, I’ve learned a lot from all of your posts.

Currently I’m in Northern California (USA), practice Intermittent Fasting(i.e. I only eat in an 8 hour window each day), strength train 3 times a week(Starting Strength), and bike everywhere in-between all that. I’m looking to create a much more general formula and then later go back and modify the macros by adjusting the protein power, oils for fats, and carbohydrate sources, without effecting the rest of the drink. This will hopefully allow me to adjust the macros for a few test subjects-uh, friends I mean, down the line when I feel comfortable sharing it (and making sure it doesn’t kill me). I’m also leaning towards ingredients that I currently already consume(and have on hand), mainly the multivitamin and protein powders. But I can change that up if necessary, at this stage, I’m looking for something to fit the needs of a variable recipe more than cost savings.

Been working on this build a few days and I’m at that point where I need to take a break and clear my head. That being said, I feel kinda stuck with a few things:

My Chloride, Sodium, and Iodine levels are low. It seems like most people supplement these with table salt. But I haven’t found a definitive source for these with the nutritional information along with it. Probably one of those stupid things I’m missing since I’ve had my nose to the grindstone for too long.

I’m using MCT powder as an additional source of fat. However, my preferred vendor, Musclefeast, took down their listing of it on their site. I’m not sure why, I emailed them to see what’s up, but had to go with a 3rd party listing for nutritional information. Unfortunately I won’t be home until next week to see the actual info on the tub I have.

My Magnesium levels are listed as toxic on the spreadsheet. I’m not sure if 550 mg of Magnesium is really toxic, but I may have to find a different balance of vitamins if so.

A few of my micro-nutrients are 50% or below. Again, I’m not sure how much I need to worry about hitting all these: Phosphorous, Copper, Molybdenum & Vitamin A.

My Fiber is at about 80% of the daily value at 32.9g. I’m curious as to other’s experience with less or more fiber. I would almost guess you wouldn’t want 100% on Soylent, but having not yet tried it, I’m not sure.

Any input would be great. I will post an updated version when I get more work into it. For now, I’m going to give my brain a rest.


magnesium listed at 350 mg/day tolerable upper limit for everyone above age 8 according to understanding normal and clinical nutrition 8th edition.

You need to worry about hitting all your micronutrients if this is all you’ll be consisting on, phosphorous and vitamin A will have the effects show up sooner.

what brand of mct powder is it?


The brand of MCT oil I used doesn’t have it listed on their site for some reason. I will update the listing when I get home next week (I have a tub of it at home) or go with the brand you linked if necessary.