Wrong Shipment Of Soylent Drink

I am subscribed to 5 cases of Soylent Cacao for some time, but recently I received 5 cases of Soylent Original with the latest shipment. I tried contacting customer support, but it has been several days and they have not responded to my request…

Weird. I had a case of Banana on order, and received a case of Original. I contacted them about it and they responded very quickly and had a new case of Banana sent to me. It was no hassle.

What you do to piss off customer service? :rofl:
Okay, but really, I’d just shoot them another email or give them a call. It seems like EVERY company in the world is having customer service issues right now, presumably because of COVID.

They replied to my email a few hours after I wrote this post, and they are sending me the correct order, but I get to keep the Soylent Originals. The question “What you do to piss off customer service?” is kind of weird David.

I’m not sure about you but I’m an early adopter, and I have been subscribed to 5 cases of Soylent since its inception, not “a case”, 5 cases. Bringing issues like this up in the community is part of normal feedback process especially coming from one who has been a firm believer of the concept and product. Given that you had the same issue, it seems like it is not an isolated incident so hopefully this doesn’t happen to a lot of people and they’ve sorted out whatever process went wrong in their warehouses.

Sorry, I was just trying to make a light-hearted joke.

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I had a similar issue happen with each of my last two orders. Both were for Original Powder, first time I got Original RTD and the second time I got Mint Chocolate. CS was kind enough to offer replacements when I reached out, but hasn’t shipped the replacement for the Mint Chocolate, likely due to their supply shortage. The packing slips for each still showed Original Powder, so maybe just human error? Fulfillment centers employees are probably overworked, newly hired, or both and still showing up every day during a pandemic.