WTB "Food Tube w/ Pump" to completely bypass taste


I’ve been on a primarily Soylent diet for the past 3 months or so. I don’t blend anything with the given package mostly due to space and money limitations. The taste is okay, but I’ve noticed it still stops me from eating the full amount necessary each day. I have recently tried using a couple thick straws but it takes additional effort and the drink still comes in contact with the back of my tongue.

I’m looking to purchase something I thought was regularly available and relatively cheap: a long, thick plastic tube that has an attachment pump that does the sucking part for you. I’d love to just be able to dip the end in the Soylent, put the other side part-way down my throat, and then just flick a switch to then become full. Has anyone been able to find said device? or know of a method to build a DIY? I can only seem to find a tube that is rather expensive and connects to your stomach through your belly… not one that uses the method I mentioned.

Imo, if should be rather cheap to produce and could be bundled together with your first order of Soylent. From what I’ve noticed describing (trying to sell) Soylent to other people is that it’s simply having to taste it which completely turns them off from the idea despite it being the healthiest diet available. It’d most likely be easier and cheaper than developing flavor packs to mix in.

Does anyone else think it’s a good idea? it’d also be nice to put in a number of (legal) cognitive boosting drugs/nootropics as to not have to digest the many capsules on top of being able to avoid the even worse taste.

Anyone tube feeding with Soylent?
1.5: huge "drinkability" improvements (◔◞౪◟◔) much better texture/taste
1.5: huge "drinkability" improvements (◔◞౪◟◔) much better texture/taste
My Review of Soylent

I think the goal is to remove stigmas about soylent…
Also, the unpleasantness of inserting/removing the thing would definitely outdo any taste benefits.


We sound crazy enough. Something like that would sound so far out there, no one would try it.


How do Soylent consumers sound crazy? It only makes sense for the human body to receive it’s full nutritional needs on a daily basis. It’s already well established that there’s not an easier method to make sure you hit all the bases on top of it being the only type of food that takes as little effort to prepare and consume. If that’s the draw to the product (and obviously not the taste) then really how crazy does it seem to think that there are people such as myself that have overly sensitive tongues and desire to drink MORE Soylent… i mean come on if said method did exist they’d be selling more product and open an alternative for those who quite simply can’t stand the texture/taste. You wouldn’t even have to put in directly in your throat if you didn’t want to.

If this truly is the food of the future (breaking upon new ground) what’s to make you believe that what I’m suggesting won’t inevitably happen when I know there’s a crowd of people whom feel the same way? Leaving the door open wouldn’t compromise Soylent’s attractiveness in any way… again the only reason most of my peers won’t purchase it themselves is because they “prefer” the taste of regular food despite them acknowledging the fact that it’s far healthier and would mean that normal food would taste better because of its less frequent consumption. I don’t see any negative drawbacks; there’s no way it would cause a stigma or make you seem crazy ಠ.ಠ I’m only guessing it’d make some of us appear even smarter than we already seem to be and it’d be our defining signature.

I would really like to hear Rob’s perspective on the idea… I think he already knows that the taste factor is the biggest reason most people don’t eat more Soylent than they do. Imho this would solve that issue and not alienate those who’ve found it to be an acquired taste.


Take a look at the comments of any soylent related article. Then tell me with a straight face (well, as much as possible through text) that people don’t have a stigma about this.


here’s a mock-up as to what it’d likely look like (around 2’)

orange: suction/pump unit
blue: wiring
red: holds the wire to the tube
gray: battery
yellow: switch
pink: detachable tongue cover


Now with the illustration. This is a joke, right? Please tell me you are joking and I just don’t get the humor.


the majoriy of people (plebeians as I like to call them) ignore the fact that they are a chemical process and don’t truly have full control over what’s immediately happening to them… they perceive the world through how their brain displays it to us and don’t like to imagine any further because “I’m happy. I don’t want to be like you” “what I do works for me” and “people have been eating normal food since the beginning of time”. Each reason they have against Soylent can be determined as a flaw in their reasoning or better known as a logical fallacy. Scientifically this food is a breakthrough for humankind and is on track on becoming a primary food source (given the price doesn’t change much and that it soon begins shipping to third-world countries). It’s a given that it’s pretty much the healthiest food available… and that if you look throughout the threads of consumers here the #1 complaint is the taste (wawawa I don’t like 1.4 /stopbuying).

I shouldn’t have to tell you that new things that require a change in lifestyle always meet resistance. There isn’t a government that exists that will do what it takes to fully educate the population on the matter and provide it to its citizens. Because of that reason, any news article they read is written by just another person. Even if the science is understood and backed by multiple organizations the comments in the news story will be 99% by people who’ve never heard of the idea and aren’t consumers themselves… so OF COURSE people are going to belittle others who do because they’ve never met them before and they’re already riding the “I don’t do this” bandwagon.

maybe you should give more thought that a freaking sentence I shouldn’t be the only one trying to make a difference and improve the perception and usability of Soylent. then again the drink doesn’t contain nootropics, adderall, or other drugs that would make you not seem like a dimwit so I get why the initial response to my idea is being received in the way it is.


It’s called a nasogastric tube. Goes in through the nose to the stomach. Can be filled via gravity or continuous with a pump.
But - yea not gonna do it!


No, I’m not even commenting on if it’s a good idea or not, if it is in a vacuum.
Completely different discussion than about how it would be received in practice.




If you make this I will totally buy one! You should go into business making them, Deffy!


Everything about this topic is ridiculous. This has to be a joke.


I would wear a backpack filled with Soylent that is physically attached to my back and seeps fuel into my bloodstream like a plant does with water.

Yes, I’m insane.


Instead of a pump, just use gravity. Something like a beer bong or saline bag with a tube. You could insert your tube, lift up the bag, get your fill, then be done with it. No need for pumps and other things to break down.


“Soylent bong, Soylent bong, Soylent bong!..”


if I were to use gravity here’s what it would have to look like

i’m not sure if i have the willpower to construct shown contraption… I’d rather give the idea of the foodpump (front page reddit today lol) to be made and mass produced then sold one to me for ~$100 as the first customer.

~ALSO I found that with the device’s attachable (back) tongue cover would make it possible to drink Soylent right from the tap w/o having to use ice or refrigerating meaning I could wait until the next morning to make a batch and still be okay. that being said i’d still [likely] prefer the option of having it go directly into the throat.

this is all in a goal for being more filled up from Soylent :3


There is a sediment/separation issue with Soylent. Maybe there should be an auto stirring mechanism integrated into this contraption.


If you don’t want to actually drink it, then the nasogastric tube is probably your best bet. At that rate, you might as well get Jevity, which is what they feed people in comas with. It’s full nutrition with no regard to taste.


I got these zip n squeeze bags for my jaw surgery:


Open up the bag, fill it up, zip it shut then squeeze the bag to shoot it in your mouth. While I got them because my jaw will be wired shut and will not be able to suck, it would also serve the purpose to shoot it to the back of your mouth. Only $15 for 5 and they are washable/reusable.


If you don’t like the taste you’d be better off inventing some kind of tongue condom. Or use what they use during root canals to cover everything but the tooth they’re working on. SMH… :joy: