Xanthan Gum as an emulsifier?


Is anyone using it as an emulsifier in their diy? if so, how does it effect the taste, texture, etc.? any recommendations on how to use it?


I used to use 2g of Xanthan Gum in my DIY. It didn’t change the taste as far as I could tell.

But I haven’t used it for a while, since I have stopped my own DIY and started buying DIY from @Spaceman.


I’ve been using it in my DIY, including Schmoylent. It’s great, just use a tiny amount of it per day (less than 1g), unless you want to eat your DIY with a spoon instead of drinking it. :wink:


thanks guys
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I added it to my people chow, ended up using 1/2 tsp for 2 liters. I most definitely was not using a spoon! I think @axcho may have had a different experience than I did, maybe his xanthan gum was more concentrated? This is the stuff I bought.


I was using the same brand, @Snowman. I may have been exaggerating slightly, haha. :wink: But I definitely wouldn’t be adding more than a teaspoon for a day’s worth (a quarter teaspoon is more like it).


We played with Xantham Gum for 100%FOOD, but it’s does not help for our blend. Seeds are too heavy and make a saddle sooner or later. So we suggest just shake the bottle before drinking.

Anyway, there was no influence to the taste.