Yeast / Bread Taste Even Hours Later?


Got my Soylent (1.1) about a week ago and so far I (mostly) love it - it tastes almost completely bland so I add a bit of simple syrup to give it sweetness and it makes the perfect breakfast - tasty but nonspecific enough to eat regularly, and given a complete lack of time to prepare a healthy morning meal it’s been a great solution.

I’ve been consistently drinking a glass between ~16-22oz every morning, and sometimes for lunch (depends on a variety of factors) So far it’s been great except…

I’ve been getting a really weird taste in my mouth after a soylent meal - it tastes like less than pleasant bread or yeast and is persistent. I brushed this morning after breakfast and I’ve drank both coffee and water since breakfast and the taste persists. I’m starting to wonder if I’m getting some kind of thrush or yeast infection in my mouth? The reason I attribute it to soylent is because frankly it’s the most major shift in my diet lately, and something like this has never happened in my entire adult life, so I have to believe there’s at least potential correlation there. This taste has also been accompanied by some pretty halitosis, so I’m assuming the two are probably related. I’ve also had a vaguely film-y feeling in my mouth, which is another thing that makes me think it’s some kind of thrush/oral yeast invasion.

What would surprise me is if it IS a yeast infection of some kind how the Soylent would have either caused or triggered it? Could the complete lack of additional things such as salt or acid in soylent have triggered a yeast explosion that was previously being held in check? Also, I’ve never been the best about getting a morning meal, so previously I was often just eating nothing in the morning, or maybe a quick bowl of cereal, or oatmeal, or some donuts, or a “breakfast sandwich” from the fast food joints on the way to work.

Anyone else had anything similar to this? Any tips?


I’ve been noticing a persistent aftertaste from 1.0, but I’ve been attributing it to the sucralose.


Remember Soylent has everything a microbe could want and no preservatives. With that in mind its a really good idea to practice proper food safety and oral hygiene. How do you clean your Soylent equipment? Do you use mouthwash? @livingparadox can probably give you a better idea.


I’m not sure if he’s referring to the same thing I experienced. I experienced a sour taste.

I’m honestly not sure what a “yeasty” taste would be.


A yeasty taste would be vaguely like bread - that’s kinda the taste that I had lingering around - like I was sucking on a bread-flavored lozenge. It was pretty unpleasant.

I did realize that it might also be related to a recent switch in toothpaste to “sensitive tooth” type due to recent dental pain I’ve been having. I’ll have to see if the taste continues after discontinuing that particular toothpaste…


To elaborate on what @horsfield said, I find that maltodextrin in particular (and other processed carbs and sugars) is the main culprit for this sort of yeasty or sour aftertaste.