Yes, I'm still alive and drinking Soylent. :)

Just wanted to drop a quick note in here since I’ve received multiple inquiries as to whether I’m ok or not. :smile:

Yes, I’m fine, we’re fine, Soylent ROCKS, etc. It’s just been an absolutely hectic couple of months for me and visiting the forums , blogging, & making Soylent videos have all fallen completely by the wayside. I actually have several videos filmed but have not had time to edit & post them.

Anyway, I appreciate the concern and am vastly amused that anyone would even notice. LOL Still drinking Soylent every day easily 50% minimum but more like 75% to 85% most of the time. Took a 6 day business trip to Florida and spent less than $2 on food the entire time because I brought Soylent with me (in powder form, liquid form, brownie form, and peanut butter form :slight_smile: ) . It was AWESOME and has forever changed what travel will be like for me.

Ta ta for now!


Glad to hear Soylent is revolutionizing travel! Just make sure to check in with us if you die, okay?


Glad to hear you’re still fighting the good fight!

I look forward to future blog posts!

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LOL I’ll get right on that one. :wink:


peanut butter form?? Do tell!


Oh sure, just mix it up with some PB2 (available on Amazon and even in many grocery stores). I just use liquid Soylent to hydrate the powdered PB instead of water. It’s delicious and very filling. Oh and a little liquid goes quite a long way so if you do this, start with just like a tablespoon of PB2 and a splash of liquid Soylent, and stir until you get the consistency you like (adding powder/liquid as you go as needed).

GREAT for airplane travel, since you can either make stuff like a sandwich or crackers & PB ahead of time and take with you, or if you’re adventurous can even mix it up on the plane (3oz bottles of liquid soylent + powdered PB2 + small plastic container + plastic knife to stir)

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You just inspired me! I have a business trip to DC next week and I was going to go off soylent for a while since breakfasts are free and I might eat with coworkers. But now I’m thinking if all the money I can save even if I just replace a few dinners! Thanks!!

OH heck yes… the money you’ll save and frankly the better you’ll FEEL not being weighed down by all the hotel food etc. I can’t tell you how great it was to wake up each day and still have my “usual” breakfast. And to be able to break from the sessions for lunch and go up to my room and have my usual lunch. It made the whole trip MUCH more bearable (I don’t particularly like travel and only do it if there’s a really compelling reason)


PB2 is on sale right here:

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Oh wow thanks for the heads up on this! I was just complaining the other day about how expensive PB2 is compared to regular PB, since a full jar of PB2 is nowhere near the equivalent amount of PB in a similar jar of PB.

Wow thats pretty impressive! Going to look into getting it flavoured and drinking it more often.

This PB2 deal is especially relevant now that I’ve found adding PB to Soylent 1.5 to be required. PB2 is freaking expensive for what it is, and this is by far the best price I’ve seen.