Yet Another 30 Day Soylent Challenge

I know there are a ton of these out there, but this guy just finished another 30 day Soylent challenge and blogged about it: “Soylent30: I am a champion!” (He has previous posts about it on his blog as well, this is the final post.)

He kept his data in a spreadsheet:


I think happiness is highly subjective, and energy is even somewhat less important since energy can differ from person to person outside of food being the cause.

There’s about a 10lb difference in total weight, but some of that can be clothing and water or human waste. You’d be surprised how much clothes can weigh, or how much extra water the human body stores (water is a really heavy element). A gallon of water can weight over 8lbs! So having more or less water in your system can affect the weight measurement.

You can see a huge 3lb difference between just one day, which is odd, so I’m assuming it’s due to clothing, and for a week they stay at the same general weight, and for 2 weeks there’s barely a 2lb difference.

All in all, I would say over a whole month, they might of lost maybe 4 real pounds of weight. That’s like losing 1lb a week on average, or doing 400 calories worth of exercise a day (~1 hour of cardio), or skipping a meal a day.

The fact that they may have been exercising at the same time already since there’s talk about a morning run, kind of hurts the weight loss prospects, since losing soo little weight with diet+exercise makes the total weight loss not as good.

Although, even 4lbs a month would be a decent weight loss regime, since after only 10 months even someone 40lbs overweight could lose it all in that time…and 10 months isn’t bad when it comes to having the weight/body you want.

It looks like he lost about 17 lbs. I wonder how tall he is?

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