Yet another easy alternative to DIY Soylent?


I found another possible easy way for soylent. In fact it’s almost soylent as it is. I stumbled into this site:

They offer meal replacement, e.g. powder shakes, for dieting and 3 of their products are suppose to give you “a 100% replacement of vitamins and minerals”. Since I’m not interested in living on 600 kcal a day it should be fairly easy to complement with carbs, fat and protein for your complete diet. This would of course be a more expensive option but far more convenient and easy to start out with. Also, this is well tested with their costumers and put together according to guidelines, etc.

What’s your comment?!


can’t see any pros in this product. seems overpriced and low in calories. even if you would complement it with carbs, fat and protein for a complete diet it would turn out to be expensive and more complicated than your own soylent to produce.

soylent is simple, afterall.


Is it? How many bootleg recipes do we have by now?


bootleg or not, the essence is the same.
that is, most of these recipes do not deviate too much from Rob’s.
I’m not saying all ingredients are already confirmed and that is the most effective recipe though, mind you. only saying that it’s pretty simple to recreate it.


If the recipe is easy to follow we should be able to have the exact same thing no? And I’d say a fair number of recipes are, at best, in the neighbourhood of what Rob did.