Yet another noob recipie to shoot down


I am about to press the trigger for ordering everything for this recipe:

Have I missed anything?

It has som extra proteins since I do (or plan to do) some light workout and is high on vitamin D as I dont get much sunlight in scandinavia. I am a bit concerned how the 11g of salt will affect the taste but other than that I am quite happy with it.

So bring it on :smile:


Waaaaaaaay too much!


Chloride is 149% and sodium 128% is that excessive?

Or is it the fact that it is combined in NaCl that makes it ti salty?


Drop sodium to 100% by lowering the salt, that will help.


The thing is that the salts also supply potassium so i will need to find another source for that.


You can use potassium citrate, or potassium gluconate.

edit:never mind the fiber comment, I miss read it.


It looks really good to me. I would agree that the salt looks like it will make it taste bad, but I’ve never used potassium salts before, so it may be ok (esp. considering that your sodium is only ~130%).

I would say that if you decide to try out this recipe as is with the potassium salts, you really should reconsider the MSM. You’re getting a ton of protein, that is guaranteed to provide all the sulfur you need. MSM also has a bit of a salt-like unpleasantness to the taste, which your recipe may need help with.

Generally, adding something sweet will counteract the saltiness. I’ve never used maltodextrin, so I don’t know if it will be sweet enough. If you find the recipe outright unenjoyable, try to reduce the salt, and replace some of the oat flour with some type of sugar.


Thanks for all the input!

The issue with using potassium citrate or gluconate is that I would have to and another online source for it. I am considering using cream of tartar but others indicate that it really tastes bad. Taste test will show which way to go.

They dont list amino acids for that specific whey isolate but it looks like all whey isolates has enough methionine and cysteine to replace the MSM. Great, simpler is better.

I am planing to maybe replace some of the maltodextrin with dextrose if it needs to be sweeter. Bultpowders even has a 50/50 mix that may be convenient. Dextrose is also easy to source localy.


Sounds like you’re ready to rock.


Yeah, dropping MSM really helped with palatability. Depending on how this tastes, you may want to consider adding in a couple drops of lemon juice and/or vanilla extract to even out the flavor. I’ve been doing it so often that it’s now a part of my base. Doesn’t change much nutritionally or cost wise, but it definitely helps with making a flavor neutral profile.


Yes, it will definitelty need some fine tuning of the taste once I got everything in place. Vanilla extract is a great idea, maybe I could try orange since it usually works fine with the chocolate theme I am aming for.


the salts is not tasted and masked by the maltodextrin, and u can use flavored whey.