Yet another Oil topic


Hey guys.

I know that there have been many topics about the oil in Soylent, and I’ve read carefully but I haven’t seen answers that pertain to my problem, and I’m hoping that people can help me.

I do know the oil is necessary, and that it’s healthier to add the oil and drink less Soylent than it is to have a pitcher a day without oil.

I have a few concerns though. First I should explain my situation. I’m vegetarian (so fish oil = no bueno) and prior to getting my Soylent I was on a 1200 calories a day diet (although I often had trouble reaching that many calories because I was full on much less).

My husband ordered for both of us and got the fish oil. For the first day I though, I’ll just have a non-vegetarian day and consume it the way it’s supposed to be consumed. That didn’t turn out too well. First, the consistency was much too oily and made me gag. Then I felt constant oil in my mouth and a strong oily taste all day and was nauseated all day. And finally, despite getting about 1500 calories, much more than I usually do, I was constantly hungry.

After I finished my first pitcher, I had Soylent without the oil. I still consumed only 2/3 or a pitcher a day, but wasn’t nearly as hungry anymore, now that the oil wasn’t there. The first night I also kept having nightmares about my teeth being pulled out or falling which I think is related to the constant feeling of oil in my mouth.

So, Soylent works well for me without the oil. But that’s not healthy. On the other hand, I think my problems when using the oil might be caused by it being fish-based oil, and therefore not vegetarian. Since I’m not vegan I could add egg yolks, but I’m not sure how healthy that would be. I started looking for vegetarian healthy oil options and found flaxseed oil as a suggestion. What do you guys think? I wanted to take it as a supplement but didn’t find any vegetarian option (they were all in gelatin caps). I guess I could buy them and consume it without eating the gelatin, but that kind of defeats the point of boycotting meat if you still buy it and then throw it away. The same amount of animals died and now it’s just wasted.

The oil can be reused because my husband vegetarian, so I’m fine with not consuming more of it, and I’ll make sure to order without it in the future. But I want to know what mixes and amounts people have been using to replace the fish oil. I’ve seen in some threads that the fish oil isn’t actually essential, which is good. But I don’t want to buy a big bottle of flaxseed (or other) oil only to find out it was actually a pretty bad substitute. So what do other vegetarians (or vegans) do? I would like to know.

I would also like to know if anyone has any idea why consuming more calories is making me hungrier. I’m way less hungry without the oil, but still hungrier than before Soylent, and consuming more calories (to make up for the lack of oil, I’ve been having salad with oil in their dressing, so I’m still over 1200 calories a day. I’m fine with up to 1500, I can exercise more, but I would like to be able to have just Soylent, as otherwise I’m spending just as much time cooking as I used to, just making smaller quantities at a time).

Thanks for your help, everyone. And if anyone who uses a different oil can tell me if it cuts down on the greasiness of the mix and makes it easier to drink without feeling sick, that would be great. I don’t really want to invest in a big bottle of oil only to find I can’t even drink the thing.

I’ve been having less issues than my husband, mind you. He told himself he would have only Soylent for a whole week. However he’s found that he hates Soylent. His solution was not to eat for over 30 hours, until he was hungry enough that he needed to have something, even if it was Soylent. Even then, he has very small amounts at a time. In the past three days for instance, he’s had between 2/3 and 3/4 of a pitcher. His calorie intake used to be between 3000 and 4000 so that’s a huge difference and I’m pretty worried. I’ve spend hours researching how to flavour it for him, which makes me spend much more time in the kitchen than I did before Soylent (which is kind of annoying). I made smoothies, I added chocolate syrup, I keep going out shopping for more things to flavour it… he hates everything we’ve tried so far.
I wonder if it’s psychosomatic. Without the oil, Soylent actually tastes pretty great to me. I don’t understand why he would dislike it so much. He says he can’t stop thinking about greasy fast food. He hasn’t had fast food in at least months, maybe a year or more, and had no problem with that. I think his body is reacting to the fact is having so little food and giving him cravings, but I wish he had cravings for healthier stuff. As it is, he’ll probably just barge in fast food someday when he could have been fine with Soylent had he consumed more of it.

I guess that came out as more of a rant than I intended. I hope you can help me with my oil issue. As for my husband, he’s already seeing a doctor and he’s not stubborn enough to actually let himself starve to death so it will resolve itself, but my guess is that he’s not going to continue Soylent.


I believe @vanclute uses straight canola oil. You could try that.

As for your husband’s cravings, the desire for greasy fast food sounds similar to something I went through before (though I greatly enjoy Soylent, and have from the beginning). If the greasiness itself sounds appetizing, he might be like me, in that his body wants more fat. For experimentation, have him add an extra tablespoon of the oil blend to his Soylent mix and see if its more enjoyable.

For his sake, I would only test that for one day. I experienced an immediate difference in satisfaction and enjoyment, but if I added that much oil more than one day in a row, I felt heavy fatigue until I adjusted. If that does help, he could try either adding MCT oil to his mix, or slowly build up the oil (starting at maybe a 1 or 1/2 teaspoon). The adjustment strain is fairly minimal at that point.

Typically when I don’t enjoy my Soylent, its because I’m not getting enough of some particular nutrient. Adding it to my mix quickly alleviates my cravings and allows me to enjoy my Soylent again.


I have heard that flaxseed oil tends to go rancid fairly quickly. You may want to factor that in to which oil you choose.


That’s a good suggestion. Since he’s craving specifically fatty stuff, he probably needs more fat. Mind you, he probably needs more of everything since he’s been eating so little. We have extra oil mix that I won’t be using so I’ll see about adding a tiny bit of that to his soylent and whether it helps him.

As for straight canola oil, I thought it wasn’t as rich in omega3, omega6 and omega9 as flaxseed oil. If it works fine on its own it’s probably the simplest fix as it’s easy to find even in smallish quantities and the taste should be ok. I might pick up sunflower or peanut oil instead if they’re also okay, as I’m more used to both of those (although I haven’t bought oil in years, quite honestly).


If he needed more of everything, I think he’d be desiring more Soylent (which has more “everything” than any other food I know of). If he doesn’t want more Soylent, he probably only needs certain things. But of course, this all anecdotal, so take it with a grain of salt.


@LauraT Thanks! That’s definitely good to know. I wouldn’t want to get something that just goes bad really quick.

@livingparadox as I was saying in my first post, he has drunk between 2/3 and 3/4 of a pitcher in the past 3 days. That means between a fifth and a fourth of a pitcher a day, approximately. We’re talking about a guy who is over 6’6 and not skinny either. There is no way he doesn’t need more of everything. He used to eat between 3000 and 4000 calories a day and now he’s probably getting less than 500. He’s constantly hungry, he just swore that he would eat nothing but Soylent, and dislikes it enough that he prefers not to eat anything rather than eating it. There were days he just ate nothing at all because the thought of having to eat Soylent made him feel sick.

I can’t say I understand him. I think Soylent tastes fine and that he’s overreacting, and possibly trying to fail on purpose so he can claim he’s tried (I don’t think he can say he really tried when most of what he did was just not eating at all). But there is no doubt in my mind that he needs more than just some more fat.


Try adding some peanut butter to his Soylent. You need to use a blender traditional or stick or nutribullet type device to blend in. This will give him extra calories and change the texture a little. 1-2tablespoons to 16-20ounces works great.
You can also add cocoa powder to the dry Soylent before mixing for a chocolate. The best is the Hershey’s special dark if you can find it.


@leecauble1 Thanks! Is the powedered chocolate very different from the syrup kind? We both tried it with the syrup, and I found it tasted barely different with 2 tablespoons syrup in 16 ounces, and not as good (plus the extra 100 calories weren’t worth it) and he couldn’t even taste the difference at all.

Neither of us really likes peanut butter but I’m thinking of trying almond butter or almond milk.


Almond butter works but is much milder. You may want to add a tiny bit 1/4teaspoon of almond extract with it. The cocoa powder doesn’t have the extra sugar and calories and the flavor is more concentrated. Check the “flavoring Soylent” thread for some more ideas


I put 2 Tbsp of dark cocoa powder in a pitcher (2 Liters) of Soylent. It makes a big difference in taste.


I’ve been using grapeseed oil – works well so far.

I only use half the recommended amount of oil. I feel like I get enough fat in the muggle food part of my diet to make up for it. If the oil didn’t seem to be necessary to make Soylent seem smoother, I wouldn’t add it at all.


Just to throw in my two cents… You do have to worry about flax seed oil going rancid. Make sure it comes in a dark bottle and keep it in the refrigerator, even then some people worry about how long it sits after bottling before you get it from the store. (of course some people worry about everything). A bigger problem is some don’t like the taste. If you are going to use it, try a small bottle first.

You do need to get oil from somewhere, the body can’t make omega 3 or 6 and they are essential. Chia seeds are a good source of omega 3 and won’t go rancid, unlike flax seeds your stomach can digest them without needing to have them ground up first.

If you are just looking to add fat to help his calorie count I find MCT oil (made from coconut oil) to be very tasteless and sometimes just down a tablespoon straight to add some calories. Won’t help with the PUFA’s though.


Don’t forget to update us on how things are going!


I went with canola oil and it’s working out fine for me. I’m having about half of a pitcher a day, plus a “traditional” meal.

My husband decided to stop Soylent last weekend. He tried eating his smoothie (the same one he enjoyed before) but couldn’t even take a bite, he kept gagging. We both believe it was probably psychological because he told himself he could only have Soylent and nothing else.
He went back to regular food and is open to using Soylent once in a while as a quick meal, but not most or all of the time.


After searching about taste, and omega 3 and 6, i just said F it and went with canola, ya its worse, but I think I can handle a little bad with all the good Soylent is giving compared to where I was at.


I would be interested in hearing what you think it is worse than???


Omega 3:6 ratio. I want to get to a 1:1 ratio, but I’m going to need supplements for that as the tasteless oils have too much 6 and the high 3s have too much taste


Yeah, canola has a worse omega ratio, but a better (neutral) flavor profile.

Avistew - some people claim there a major difference in flavor profile if they allow the mix to thicken up before adding the oil. Have you tried that?

Basically, mix the powder and water, blend or shake, and then wait for a couple of hours (many say overnight.) This gives the water-soluble fibers time to soak up the water and fully rehydrate, as well as some other chemistry to transpire. THEN add the oil and re-blend.

In my DIY, I do notice a difference, and prefer to add the oil after a 1-hour soak… but I can’t honestly say that I detest it one way or the other. It’s just different.

Also, if the fish oil taste bothers you, consider just using canola in the mix for your standard measure of oil, and then supplement with flax capsules. That’s why I do, except that I use fish-sourced EPA/DHA capsules.

Good luck!


Try this flaxseed oil or any of these vegan/vegetarian oils


I use Bob’s Red Mill Flaxseed Meal in my DIY to get my omega-3s and fiber up. You can get it at Target and other grocery stores, it’s in an opaque bag, just put it in a ziploc in the fridge after opening. I’ve had no trouble with it going stale/rancid.

I used canola as the primary fat source (some from almond meal too), and just used the flax as a supplement, but I’ve started using 2% milk instead of skim as the liquid base so I don’t need to add oil at all…

How things mix with the official may vary from DIY of course…