Yet another post about shipping delays


You (Soylent) charged my card 10/12, and didn’t ship until yesterday, 10/25. I’m not impressed.

A 13 day delay between charging a credit card and actually shipping is something you should not let happen. And if it does happen, you should be contacting the customer with an apology and an explanation for why their order is delayed.

Remember, this is a subscription and food service. The normal “your order should ship within 4-6 weeks” line should not apply. People depend on Soylent for their daily nutrition. That’s the whole point of your companies existence.

I strongly urge you to fix the problem, and offer a meaningful apology to those of us who have experienced these delays.


Similar experience here. I ordered Cafe Mocha Powder on 10/15 and still have not received notice regarding a shipment. I feel quite comfortable waiting for the shipment, but ten business days is a long time without feedback. Fortunately, I know that my Soylent order will not expire for years. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi Jerrac,

We apologize for the delayed shipment. Please contact as they’ll be able to give you details of your order.

Thank you, Joanna


I would strongly strongly strongly recommend using Amazon, they’re always on time, or even several days early. Soylent quite frankly should just transition to Amazon 100%, because they don’t know how to manage and ship, then they can just focus on their product development/improvement. Also on Amazon you will get a 15% discount if you subscribe to five or more products. Just divide your monthly Soylent into separate orders of smaller quantities, even the same flavor is fine, and you will still get the discount. Also if you get the Amazon Visa you get another 5% discount, so up to 20%, although I’m fine with 15%.


I completely agree, I waited 8 days for any notification about my order. So I ended up contacting support and they just told me there was a ‘delay’. I ended up canceling both my order and subscription since they did charge me PRIOR to shipping – which to be honest seems very shady. It’s usually an indication that they need your funds to get somebody else’s order out.