Yet another whole food attempt


Here’s the recipie I put together, although the nutritional info isn’t complete on some of the items…

Here’s the recipie on Cronometer:

Unfortunately, Cronometer didn’t have avacado, I don’t know how to add it >:

It takes a lot of inspiration from this thread:

It’s low on Vitamins A, E, and Niacin, and minerals Iron, Chloride, and Zinc, and it has low Omega-3s.

I’ll take a fish oil suppliment, but I want to avoid adding vitamin suppliments to it of I can. As for Biotin and Sulfur, I know eggs are great for those but I can’t seem to find exactly how much is in them. Likewise, chocolate is great for Chromium, at 24 micrograms per 100g of milk chocolate, but I can’t seem to find an exact amount anywhere of how much is in cocoa powder. As for the Iodine, I’m using iodized salt. Chloride is still a bit low, but I’m loath to add even more salt to the mix- 4.5 grams is kind of pushing it taste-wise, even split between the eggs and the shake. The other thing is that the calories are already kind of high, and I would like to add a protein powder to it at some point later- perhaps dropping the milk for water and whey protein? Except, the milk is where all my Vitamin D is coming from…

As for the cholesterol, well, it’s from the eggs so it’s fine. If anything, egg cholesterol is good for you.

Any ideas for improving it some? I’m open to anything, although I will have to make sure everything else in there is enough to mask any veggies.


Spirulina looks good!

Not sure what to replace with it, though.


I just went and found this which I found very helpful for including cocoa in my recipe. Unfortunately Chromium isn’t listed! Nonetheless on my spreadsheet I have written the level of Chromium in cocoa as 173 mcg / 100g, with the note “I hope!”. Make of that what you will…


Are you unconcerned about phytic acid? If you’re going through the trouble of creating a real food version, why use ingredients that contain PA? (Oats/Cocoa) - not trying to be snarky, really just curious. There are many other slow carb options that are better than oats if you’re not looking for them specifically to be in powder form which is generally the problem a lot of DIYers run into if they’re concerned about PA.


From what I understand, cocoa doesn’t have enough Phytic acid to do much, when taken in the small quantities that most people use.


Hadn’t heard of phytic acid… The cocoa is partly for flavor, and partly because chocolate is apparently one of the best foods for chromium, though I can’t find any exact amounts for it in powder ( or cocoa butter, for that matter)

That is indeed a problem if it inhibits the already low amounts of zinc and iron…

Apparently there’s a good 3 inredient recipie :expressionless: I’m trying to focus on stuff I can easily find locally, though.