You know you're obsessed with Soylent when


…you see a pitcher on the lower shelf of the hardware store aisle sticking out and you immediately recognize it as the Takeya pitcher Soylent will be sending you. You pick it up and inspect it for more than a minute.

Feel free to add your own endings to the sentence in the subject line…


And then you buy it.


I did the same thing when I noticed a local tea place had a Takeya pitcher outside for free samples.


You know you’re obsessed with Soylent when…

You read every single post in this forum.

Well… except the thread for French speakers. One semester of French way back in jr high was not enough for me to even try. :stuck_out_tongue:


… you regularly refresh your FedEx tracker, even though they’ll email you when they do get your order.

… all this time Soylent is meant to save you is now spent writing multiple soylent recipes of your own.

… you dream day and night of softly caressing Julio’s beard.


…you refresh the page an unreasonable number of times every 7 days.


…when you have spent so much time checking and reading this forum that’s your wife starts to think you might be having an online affair!


… you start actually using Twitter in earnest for the first time with a user ID that has “Soylent” in it.


And… It officially got weird. :stuck_out_tongue:


You keep checking and re-checking the “All Mail” folder in Gmail, just to be sure you haven’t missed your shipping notification.


Just every 7 days? Every day.


Hey! Don’t be jealous!

I’m sure you remember this, but newbies need to know what an awesome wonder it is.


You check this forum daily knowing, that Soylent won’t arrive in Europe until 2015.

You spend more time researching about Soylent then Soylent will save you in the first 6 months. This is Inefficient, oh no!


you setup a google news email alert to check daily if there are any news stories containing the word soylent

you made a deal with your girlfriend that you would eat normally all the time at the weekends, so now you look forward to going back to work after a bank holiday weekend because it means you get to have soylent again


+1 for the Julio



You know you’re obsessed with Soylent when:

You know more about @vanclute then you do about your own wife…


Great. That’s just what we need. A thread about how Soylent has destroyed my marriage. “My wife thinks I’m drinking it because I can’t stand her cooking.” I see a meme coming.


LOL!!! That’s… ummm… hell I have no idea what that is. Thanks…? :wink:


…you create an Excel spreadsheet to try to predict when your order will ship.