You ready for the blizzard?


I’m locked and loaded! :sunglasses:


Fortunately no blizzard where I am (far enough south that we rarely get snow), but glad to see you are stocked up!


And when the blizzard cuts your power and water, you can still eat. You can burn the boxes for heat to melt the snow for water! @rob really planned for everything!


Canadian mountain man master race reporting in.

You are a bunch of wimps.

That is all. Carry on.


Just drove in the snow for the first time today. Happy to say I still haven’t killed anyone.


With Reese’s pb cup please.


Here in the blizzard’s epicenter, I will say that Soylent gives me a measure of security I hadn’t previously felt for a severe weather event. Even my wife, for the first time, indicated that she felt something remotely approaching jealousy that I didn’t have to worry about food come what may, but she still won’t try Soylent. This is an interesting side benefit of Soylent that I wouldn’t have particularly imagined if I hadn’t experienced it, not that I am at all actually concerned about food or anything else dire happening. But it was nice to feel zero urge to buy 17 loaves of bread and gallons of milk like everyone else, and if things do get bad such that my wife starts thinking about cooking our cats, I might actually get her to try it. Blizzards and Soylent go well together. Alcohol fits in nicely there, too.


New Soylent drinker in Washington DC here. There is more than a foot of snow already on the ground and it’s still snowing hard outside my window. However, I have no worries on the food front as I still have three boxes of Soylent giving me a nine days’ supply of food even during a power outage. My co-workers, who know of and tolerant my new Soylent usage, were giving me sad looks on Thursday as they relayed that they were about to trudge out to the grocery store because they didn’t have enough food for the blizzard.


This is my experience whenever the groceries get down to just sauces and condiments. I’m here drinking my Soylent and my roommate is like “There’s no foooood!” and refuses to try Soylent. If she’s too lazy to go buy groceries, she’d rather just go back to bed than try Soylent.


Lemme see how ya’ll take the heat.


It’s simple.

The food that accumulates in their pantries is the food that they don’t want to eat. Snow doesn’t make them want to eat it; they want to get the stuff they prefer to eat.


This was like me with my co-workers. They realized at lunch time one day that there was no more food stocked up in our shared mini-fridge. One asked to try a Soylent, liked it, and said it ended up filling him up til dinner. The other one just ate nothing and then complained he was starving the rest of the afternoon.


haha Actually it gets quite hot & dry here in the summer. My home was under mandatory evacuation last summer due to a forest fire, as a matter of fact. We get some relative extremes on both ends of the spectrum here. :mount_fuji:

At any rate, if there’s ever some sorta crazy emergency here where we’d get stuck at home for ages, we’ve got all we need: water, an axe, a wood stove, a rifle, and a lot of whiskey.


We have all those things too except instead of woodsmen, using them we have state of the art rednecks and hillbillies.
I do hear though of a lot of northern people dieing during the summer here. (Mainly people from Ohio, East Canada, and a family member from Chicago )


It is official, we will inherit the earth.


You could have done this in the blizzard after consuming your Soylent:


Lol, that’s awesome, love the cops at the end.