Your experience using CBD oil in Soylent for medical purposes

Does anybody here have any experience using CBD oil in Soylent for medical purposes? If so, how did you use it? Did it work medically? And if you wish, what medical purpose did you use it for?

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According to this company, CBD-rich hemp oil is allegedly available in all 50 states and does not require a medical license for purchase. 866.273.8502

I hope that company has a good lawyer, because over half of all 50 states have explicit laws banning CBD in all forms.

Edit: I was wrong.

It’s not. I’ve talked to my doctor about it and she’s not allowed to prescribe it. I also have a letter from a Senator saying that they are working on introducing a bill to legalize aspects of it. Technically, there was something that legalized it apparently but it needs FDA-approval which there is none with FDA-approval or something like that. I can get things like Hemp protein powder, but that’s it.

Hm… that’s tricky. I wish you could rent lawyers for like 5 minutes… At this point it would probably just be easier to smoke some weed.

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I heard a lot about the medical features of the CBD oil, but I thought that is it a placebo effect. Until I had terrible insomnia for several weeks.

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I don’t get if medical marijuana is okay. How come some people face trouble with using it? I have never tried medical marijuana, but as I mentioned before, I tried CBD oil, which is fine. The main issue that you cannot get it everywhere because it is made of cannabis. I had horrible insomnia. I couldn’t sleep properly, and I started with sleeping pills based on natural ingredients, and they didn’t work on me. Then I went to the doctor and described him my problem. The doctor prescribed me some sleeping pills. I did sleep with them, but the issue was that after those pills, I was feeling exhausted like I didn’t sleep at all. Also, after a while, they stopped working on me. My friend recommended me to try CBD oil, and I was opened to any experiment. Surprisingly, I slept like a baby. The next morning I felt fully rested and energized. After that, I started to use CBD oil occasionally and also ordered a few vape pods with CBD on