"Your Food Is Poisoning You"


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"Your Food Is Poisoning You

For years, an underground movement has claimed that the very food we eat—by virtue of the pesticides and herbicides we so commonly use—is poisoning us. Until now, they’ve been (at best) ignored and (more often than not) mocked. Suddenly though, it looks like the joke has been on us all along."

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Just one more reason for soylent?


Another argument towards Soylent, but only if Soylent can validate that it’s ingredients aren’t sourced from GMO or pesticide-ridden crops. As Rob pointed out, organic farms aren’t going to feed the world, so I doubt Soylent is free of the effects of GMO & pesticides…


One point: The article is split in two directions - gluten (which we’ve been consuming forever) causing problems and Roundup/glyphosphate (a “new” problem) causing problems. I have a hard time believing the former, but a much easier time with the latter.

Oats have very little gluten, and OS is just barely over the line for gluten free, so even if gluten IS an issue, it’s not much of one for soylent.

Roundup is primarily used, as the article says, for wheat and soybeans, which makes the oat flour a good alternative, and I’m pretty sure that rice is safe anyhow.

Personally, I’ve been avoiding grains for quite some time (soylent is higher in starches than my “classical” diet).

Seems to me like you could easily run a longitudinal study between a control group fed “clean” non-Roundup grains and the other with glyphosphate laden food. Measure the health outcomes (longevity, lymphoma, obesity, [autism?], etc.) over multiple generations, and that may give you some concrete evidence as to whether glyphosphate is causing these issues.


Doesn’t Soylent openly use GMO crops?


Says who? What in Soylent is GMO? And the article said nothing about GMO itself causing problems - the issues were gluten and glyphosphate. The only correlation is that Monsanto genetically engineers Roundup Ready plants that get glyphosphate sprayed on them.

There isn’t anything in that article that says GMO is a problem. Only the pesticide use that accompanies them is an issue.


Rosa Labs has let us know that there are GMO components in Soylent. The GMO/Roundup correlation is that GMO crops that are roundup resistant get more of the roundup sprayed on them. This is pretty much the most common form of genetic modification. Much ado over nothing, imho.


The article is no reason to do anything. There’s zero science in it.


In fact, Rosa has explicitly stated that they’d love to see a GMO crop that can produce the main ingredients of Soylent in one organism. I’m all for it.