Your poop on Soylent ( any Soylent )


I am looking into making a DIY soylent, specialized for people with Irritable Bowl Syndrome. It could help out loads by supplementing the very strict diet I, and many others need to follow. (the Low Fodmap diet)

However, there’s a few things that might not work out so well for my condition… So I want to know, for those of you who are/went on 100% Soylent :

  1. Did you need to poop more frequently then when on normal food ?

  2. And how was your stools consistency compared to “normaal food poop”… Was it softer ? You can trow in a bristol scale if you like :smiley:

Not really concerned about the color !


I’m on like 80-90% Soylent, and it almost looks white now. I want to try 100% Soylent for a week or two, but it is hard to not eat any solid food. I love me some food.

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Do you feel like you need to go nr 2 more often when you are on Soylent ?

I only go poo, as you put it, once per day at practically the same time each day. It is definitely softer and easier to pass than my previous low fiber diet. Just a word of warning sudden increase in fiber can cause loose stools.

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There are plenty of threads about this topic. Search the forum for “soft serve”, lol.

Ahh, this is the thread that started it all off:

And big thanks to @JeffLeBert for introducing me to psyllium husk!!!

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Video (link) talking about Soylent…and pooping.

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This sounds interesting DrMaximum
I was under the impression that soylent would be suitable for people with IBS?
There seem to be many threads on this forum and others to this effect.

I have IBD and I’ve been on Soylent 2/3 meals for almost a week. Even in this short amount of time I’ve found that my bowel movements are much improved, I tend to go LESS than more, and when I do go, they’re not painful and gross.

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I tried several ( not official Soyleny, as live outside of the US )

And they were huge triggers for me… But then again, there was
High Fodmap ingredients in them !

But a DIY with soluble fiber, and Low Fodmap ingredients could work

Of course it all depends from person to person, some could be helped with official soylent

Was a little worried about it being a video lol

But no worries nothing gross, and it was really helpful !

I have recently ordered Joylent, hopefully my experiences will be different.
Soylent however is very different to the other powdered food alternatives available, so I would certainly try soylent your experiences with the others haven’t been great. Nobody knows but I would predict they will begin shipping to europe hopefully within less than a year.

My experience in this department has varied between Soyent, which I was on 90%+ for a couple months, and Joylent, which I am currently on 90%+ now for about a week. I have some underlying issues with my poo situation. That being that I am on a long term prescription of a medication which caused chronic constipation. I use to (when i remembered) take miralax every day to try and help with my BMs, otherwise I may only go number 2 once a week, and it would be a very painful experience.

When I switched my primary diet to Soylent my poo schedule became regular enough that I was able to stop using the miralax. It still wasn’t perfect. Maybe I would go every other day, and it would still be a little rough, as in still experiencing mild constipation. Now that I am on Joylent things are wonderful in that department. The Joylent works better than the miralax did, or at least just as good. Since I have been on Joylent I have being dropping a duce every day, and the consistency is totally normal.

When I am eating regular food, and I don’t take any miralax, I have had times when I only go number 2 about once a week, and it would be excruciatingly painful. So far I am really enjoying the Joylent. I haven’t had this nice of a poo schedule for years and I really feel allot better now that I am able to stay regular and not have to do anything other than consume my daily nutrients in the form of Joylent.

I have pretty bad GI issues. I switched to 100% soylent during the week as a way to avoid playing Russian roulette with my intestines.

To answer your questions:

  1. My BMs are MUCH less frequent, only once a day and almost exactly at the same time. (I was usually going 2-5 times a day).

  2. Type 4 on the bristol scale. Easy to pass. 5 min on the loo vs the usual 30.


There’s actually an insect that doesn’t poop. It just eats and expands until it dies.


Elaborate please. I need to know more.

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I’m on 100% Soylent for almost a year now.
At first the poop consistency was a bit watery but after 1 month or so of adjusting the consistency is about the same. I’ve always pooped once per day and it’s no different on Soylent.